LOOQS MeeFrame: WiFi photo frame, radio and more

LOOQS MeeFrame

Digital photo frames are becoming more and more popular. And as result they include more and more features which are not related to photo at all. The same can be said about MeeFrame produced by LOOQS. Sure it displays photos from internal 1GB memory as well as from USB stick or SD card. But additionally to that the MeeFrame sports WiFi b/g adapter. So it can show streamed content from Flickr, Picasa and MeeChannel, playback internet radio (thanks to 2W stereo speakers), display RSS feeds and photos received via email. Not bad for the digital photo frame, isn’t?

The LOOQS MeeFrame has 8″ touchscreen display with 800×600 resolution. So, you won’t spend you time to adopt photos to display on full screen. Touchscreen offers easy and clear way to configure and control device. Additionally the MeeFrame can be used together with other LOOQS products – the MeeBox NAS and MeeBox Router.

The LOOQS MeeFrame will be demonstrated at CES in January 2010. I suspect after that we’ll know about its price and date of availability.

[via SlashGear]

Sonos new bundle integrated with Pandora

Sonos + Pandora

Sonos announced its new bundle to build multi-room music system. Now you can get two ZonePLayers ZP80 and ZP100 and controller for $1000. Moreover, good news for all Pandora fans. The new bundle is integrated with Pandora. Just for $4 per month you’ll able to stream “nerds’ favorite recommendation-based customized internet radio” to your rooms.

I’d like to note that Squeezebox includes that possibility maybe for years.

IP-based music server with color touchscree

Colorado's vNet

Colorado has released vNet – music media center included Vibe media servers, encoders, tuners, docks, and a 7-inch color touchscreen to control them.

This “IP-based audio streaming solution” allows you to connect PCs, CD players, DAPs, iPods, satellite radio receivers, and essentially anything with an audio output to your home network through Ethernet, while the LCD receiver of sorts locates and manages connected devices.

It’s really amazing media center is already available but price is not listed yet.

[via Engadget]

Satellite radio in a remote

Sirius Conductor

Sirius has announced the Conductor, a home satellite-radio system consisting of a small tuner, an indoor/outdoor antenna, and a supercharged universal remote. The remote was developed by team who made Nevo remote lines. The 6-in-1 remote can be used to control other AV devices. It offers both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) communication. So, the remote can communicate with the base station through walls and obstructions – up to 45 meters away.

The Conductor is set to be released in November. It’s cool gadget by modest price. You get a satellite radio streammer and 6-in-1 universal remote with a three-line LCD display just for $150!
Once I already wrote about nice looking Sonos ZonePlayer. You might be interested to see a brief comparison the Conductor and Sonos ZonePlayer.