Rack mount solution for Mac Mini

Mac mini Rackmount

If you’re using powerful Mac Mini as a home, media or automation server then you may be interested in 1U hight rackmount enclosure RackMac produced by Sonnet. It allows mount two Mac Mini into rack. Additionally it provides access to the optical drive and IR receiver from the front panel as well as USB port to connect keyboard, mouse or something else. Also it secures the power cord and other attached cables to avoid accidental disconnects while keeping them tidy and manages airflow from front to back.

[via AutomatedHome]

Mount Silverstone LC16M into rack

LC16M rackmount kit

Recently I faced with small problem. One of our customer asked us to mount its Silverstone LC16M into rack. I know that usually people prefer to put such nice looking HTPC near TV. But what can I do? I googled and found that Silverstone offers a RA01 durable rackmount ear kit. Just pay twenty bucks and your LC16M will fit the rack.