EFO iPazzport: keyboard, touchpad, mouse and laser pointer in one

EFO iPazzPort Mini Keyboard

Almost one year took company EFO to produce a next generation its wireless compact touchpad with QWERTY keyboard for HTPC. The new EFO iPazzport sounds like Apple product but looks like BlackBerry smartphone. Additionally to touchpad, mouse and keyboard it includes laser pointer which can be useful for presentations or to point to some detail in the movie.

The EFO iPazzport uses RF to communicate with HTPC. The new dongle is smaller that previous one and offers a 10 meters working range. Additionally the device has battery with short recharge time and backlighting to operate in low light environment (home theater, for example). The EFO iPazzport is supported by Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and doesn’t require installation special software. Also it’s compatible with PS3, Wii and XBox.

The new EFO iPazzport is available on the producer site at $45. See its demo video after break.
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Don’t miss Fly Mouse

Fly Mouse

While Boxee delays its revolutionary remote control with QWERTY keyboard for its Boxee Box the Shenzhen Feishu Technology offers similar device called Fly Mouse. Fly Mouse sports navigation and media buttons as well as QWERTY keyboard and uses standard radio frequency 2.4GHz. Moreover, it has built-in gyration. So, it understands movement (like Wii controller) and allows to control HTPC by moving the remote in the air.

Fly Mouse uses three AAA batteries and it’s supported by Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. The price of that cool remote is about $47. It’s cheaper then Gyration remote ($99) and don’t forget about QWERTY keyboard.

[via Red Ferret]

TiVo remote with slide QWERTY keyboard

TiVo QWERTY remote control

I really don’t understand why producers of universal remote control don’t make such remote as TiVo offers. Its remote control with slide QWERTY keyboard would be very useful for all HTPC owners. Boxee promised that its remote for Boxee Box will sport QWERTY keyboard on the bottom of the remote. It’s also appropriate solution. But still.

Boxee Box remote control got QWERTY keyboard

The Boxee Box Remote

As you may see on the picture the Boxee Box remote control will include QWERTY keyboard. The initial design was simple and clean like 6-button AppleTV remote. But to give users more handy and rich way to control their Boxee Box designers decided to add keyboard on the bottom of remote. It’ll be nice but I think keys can be pressed accidentally if there won’t some block. Maybe slide form-factor

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