‘Smart’ QWERTY TV Remote from Samsung

Samsung QWERTY TV Remote

Samsung announced its new $99.99 remote control included QWERTY keyboard. It’ll make navigation through various online media services added to Samsung Smart TVs more convenient.

The new Samsung QWERTY TV Remote will come bundled with LED D8000 and D7000 Series and Plasma D8000 Series Smart TVs. It’ll be also compatible with LED D6300 Series models and up.

Philips uWand in action

Philips uWand

I already wrote about Philips remote control with QWERTY keyboard. Now we can see its real photos as well as video presentation below. As you may see except amazing keyboard the Philips uWand has built-in accelerometer. So, you can control your TV or HTPC easily and naturally.

I’d like to mention that I have more or less the same features with my Gyration remote control. It doesn’t have keyboard but it has IR transmitter to control IR-based AV equipment. Which also not bad.

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Philips announced QWERTY remote control

Philips QWERTY remote

Well, the Boxee built a new style of the remote of future. Looks like the first its competitor will be Philips with its Home Control DUAL remote also with QWERTY. It has the same layout – keyboard is on the bottom and most important keys are on the top. Also the DUAL will have something like pointing, touchpad, or optical sensor.

There is no enough technical information about the new Philips remote. I guess it uses RF. But I’d like to have IR transmitter there as well. In that case TV can be controller via IR and HTPC – via RF. In any case, will see when Philips will publish more info.

TiVo Slide Remote Released

TiVo QWERTY remote control

TiVo Slide Remote control with QWERTY keyboard is available on TiVo website at $89.99. The keyboard doesn’t use RF as I expected. Except that it uses Bluetooth. The Slide Remote is compatible with TiVo Premier / Premier XL DVRs as well as with TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, TiVo HD XL units.

It’d be really nice to use such remote not only with TiVo products. But I’m afraid we have to wait QWERTY remote from Boxee Box.

UPDATE: according to Engadget review of the TiVo Slide Remote it works fine with any PC as ordinary Bluetooth keyboard.

iPazzPort: another compact keyboard/touchpad for HTPC

EFO RF Mini Wireless Keyboard

EFO announced another compact touchpad with QWERTY keyboard for HTPC. iPazzPort‘s size is just 60 X 100 X 10 mm and weight is only 43 grams. Additionally to touchpad and keyboard device has laser pointer which can be useful for presentations.

The iPazzPort has a short recharge time – about two hours, and long time of working – up to two weeks between charges. It uses traditionally RF 2.4GHz. So, you can manage your HTPC from up to 10 metres range. Also the iPazzPort has backlighting to operate in low light environment.

The new EFO iPazzPort is available for pre-order with price $40. But it’ll be changed to $50 this September when EFO will start ship the device.

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