Next generation of Roku Streaming Media Device will use Qt

Roku Audio

Roku – a leader in Internet-connected digital media players, has selected Qt for Embedded Linux® to be integrated into a soon-to-be-announced multimedia streaming product:

Roku chose Qt because of its ability to quickly create a rich user interface, providing an important time-to-market advantage. Qt also delivers the ability to support multiple operating systems and devices from a single codebase. As with all versions of Qt, developers are able to focus on building the core value of each product, instead of platform-specific maintenance. Qt also eliminates the need to invest resources in multiple languages, toolkits and environments.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

News of the day: Nokia acquires Trolltech

It seems that Nokia decided to add Qt into S60 and GTK acquiring Trolltech – company which develops alternative of GTK – Qt and participates KDE development. Just thinking about the next generation of Internet Tablets. Should we expect N820 with Qt and customized KDE instead of GTK and GNOME? In any case, I’m sure that Maemo will have to get some advantages from Qt and Trolltech’s experience. Will see.