PS3 remote Snakebyte with IR transmitter

Snakebyte PlayStation 3 remote

If you ever tried to control Blu-ray playback on PS3 using its native controller you should know it’s nightmare! That’s why it’s good idea to buy some Bluetooth-based remote control specially for PS3. Snakebyte is one of them. But except Bluetooth transmitter that remote has IR one. It gives you possibility to control up to five IR-based AV devices. The Snakebyte also sports backlit display, motion sensor and built-in Li-ion battery. It’s possible to get new features and new IR codes via firmware upgrade. The price of the Snakebyte is just $49.99 and it’ll be available next April.

By the way, if you have Sony TV supported Bravia Sync, and your PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI then you may use original TV’s remote to control Blu-ray playback on the PlayStation 3. Good way to save fifty bucks, isn’t?

Run Ubuntu and XBMC on PS3

As you may know Sony removed OtherOS feature from the latest PS3 firmware to avoid installation any other OS there. But madshaun1984 found the way to bypass that restriction. He was able to install Ubuntu and XBMC on the PS3. Here is a short instruction how to do it. Cool hack but without a practical application in my opinion. I think using PS3 as HTPC is a controversial decision. First of all it’s very noisy. When you play game it doesn’t matter. But when you watch non-action movie it can be really annoying. Secondly, the PS3 should be reboot if you want to watch movie after game or vice versa. It’d be much more convenient to buy or assemble compact, noiseless and non-expensive HTPC based on nVidia Ion and enjoy movies with it and games with PS3.

[via Engadget]

Nokia N900 as PS3 controller

The video above demonstrates how to use Nokia N900 as a PS3 controller. You can do that using BlueMaemo and that instructions.

Sony and RealD will bring 3D at home theaters

Sony and RealD

Good news for all PS3 fans. Last week the specs for 3D Blu-ray were finalized and as result PS3 will have support 3D. So, if you already have Sony Playstation 3 you’ll just update its firmware to enjoy 3D effects (sure, you should have a 3D compatible TV). Also Sony will be licensing RealD tech for use in consumer products in 2010. If you don’t know the RealD is company who is behind the 3D technology for many of the high-end 3D films in theaters like Avatar, for example. That new 3D technology will be added to the 3D Bravia LCD TV line. It’ll need 3D eyewear to view the content.

[via SlashGear]

PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote

PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote

There is a very interesting concept of remote control for the Sony PS3 in the The PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote contains not only buttons typical for ordinary remotes. It has slide keyboard. So, when you need to type something it’ll be much easier then using separate real or virtual keyboard. That remote is just $28.52 which is even less then costs of ordinary remote control.

I’d like to have such device near my HTPC. It’s very useful to have keyboard when you need it and do not use separate one. Even extremely compact.

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