MythTV plug-ins: part I


MythTV is one of the most popular Linux-based PVR systems. It offers a rich base functionality. But it also may be extended by using plug-ins if it is not enough for you. Basically, there are two groups of MythTV plug-ins: official which already included into MythTV distribution and unofficial, marked with “work-in-progress” characteristics.

Here is a brief overview of interesting official plug-ins. It’s easy to create custom DVDs from recorded shows using MythArchive. It’s possible add there themed menu structures, add new themes to existing titles from any accessible video collection, create auto-play DVDs, transcode and trim commercials from MPEG2 recordings, and re-encode resolution for DVD playback on commercial players.

MythDVD allows to playback DVD or VCD or ripping DVD images for safekeeping purposes. If you want to show your photos on TV MythGallery is the best way to do it. MythTV offers a way to play in Super Nintendo games. You have to just copy games to PC and run MythGame plug-in. Sure, you can listen your favorite music using MythMusic plug-in which provides a simple graphical interface tie-in to the audio playback software subsystem in MythTV. It supports FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 files and allows to create complex play lists.

It’s may be good to read some news (MythNews) and check the weather (MythWeather) during the morning coffee. Moreover, you can configure your HTPC to receive Internet-based phone and video conference calls using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It’s possible with MythPhone plug-in.

And finally, MythWeb – plug-in which allows access to the MythTV configuration and recording from any PC connected the same network using web browser.

As you can see, MythTV offers a lot of useful extensions and allows to build a power and flexible home media PC.

Additional materials:

LG plasma TV includes PVR

LG Plasma

LG made a clever move. Its 55PB2DR 55 inch plasma TV includes PVR functionality! LG already has another plasma with a built-in PVR – 60PC1D. It includes 160 GB of storage, allowing 13 hours of HD recordings and 63 hours of standard definition video. The 55PB2DR is simpliest. It allows to pause, record, and replay TV programs up to two hours past the original broadcast. But it’s really cool approach. You shouldn’t place media PC near your TV, install and configure any media center software. You should just switch on your plasma and that’s it. Sure, the media center may give you more features. But TV with built-in PVR will be right for 40-50% of all TV fans at least. So, LG did a big step forward in TV industry.