Monitoring of power consumption with EnergyBuddy

FutureDash EnergyBuddy

There is a plenty of ways to measure and control the power consumption in the individual houses or apartments. In my mind, the best is TED so far. But new product of Cali-based startup FutureDash called EnergyBuddy has all chances to be better. The main square box indicates the power consumption level by different colors. It has Ethernet and WiFi module to connect to your network. Power measurement is done by clips with module for whole house or SmartPlug module for specific device/appliance. Both transmit data to the EnergyBuddy using ZigBee wireless technology. Additionally to color indications you can use smartphone, tablet or PC to see different kinds of graphs and charts as well as control SmartPlug modules remotely.

The EnergyBuddy can be pre-ordered at Indiegogo. So, don’t miss a change to be one of the fist EnergyBuddy owners and help FutureDash release it in production.

[via Engadget]

Richard Gray’s power management system


Richard Gray started to ship its power management system – PowerVault. It includes an UPS, a parallel power delivery system (there’s a 1200 on board) and more. The PowerVault can keep runing your home automation system for several hours to several days depending on the load during power outages or interruptions. It can be placed up to 750 meters away from your equipment.

The PowerVault power management system is available for certified installers with price $29500. It’s definitely not chip but if you need your system 24×7 it might be a solution.

[via CEPro]