Highlight a pool with phosphorescent coating

A Glow in the Dark Pool by Atmosphere Piscines

A French company Atmosphere Piscines offers an original way to highlight a pool. The idea is simple. A phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat,” is vacuum injected into the pool’s base to prevent the emission of dangerous organic compounds. During the day the coating retains solar radiation and then releases it at night. As result your pool is highlighted without electricity, you save environment and your money and, of course, it’ll make romantic atmosphere for night swimming.

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The Wireless Pool Chemical Monitoring System

Wireless Pool Monitoring System

If you have a pool you should know how difficult to keep it clean. iRobot Verro can care about cleaning but Wireless Pool Monitoring System may help you to catch the time when the pool robot should do its work. The system contains two parts: floating pod and wireless display. The floating pod includes sensors for water temperature, pH, and chlorine level. It takes measurements at the same 18″ depth recommended by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. The sensor pod and display can communicate up to 45 meters away from each other, so you don’t have to step outside each time you want to check on your pool.

To be sure that your pool is clean just spend $399.95.

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Clean your pool with iRobot Verro

iRobot Verro poolbot

iRobot Verro poolbots series might be interesting both pool owners and pool cleaners. Because this bot is produced to make the pool clean without human interaction.
There are two models: iRobot Verro 300 and iRobot Verro 600. The iRobot Verro 300 is designed for gunite pools (it may also effective on other pool surfaces). It does hydro-jets ‘pressure wash’ pool surface, vacuum and filter pick up and trap leaves, hair, sand, debris, algae and particles as small as 2 microns. The price of this model is $799.99 with 30-day risk-free trial.
The iRobot Verro 600 is designed for vinyl, fiberglass and tile pools (it may also effective on gunite pool surfaces). It does PVA brushes scrub surfaces, vacuum and filter pick up and trap leaves, hair, sand, debris, algae and particles as small as 2 microns. The price of the iRobot Verro 600 is $1199.99 with 30-day risk-free trial.
So, additionally to your vacuum-cleaner bot you can get pool cleaner bot as well and have a rest during the bots will clean your space.

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