EFO Flying Mouse

EFO mouse

I already wrote about the smallest QWERTY keyboard EFO Google TV Mini keyboard which was design to make HTPC control easier and handier. Recently EFO released a next generation of its keyboard – EFO Air mouse. I bought it and used enough to give some feedback. First of all, the quality of the keyboard is very good. New battery allows using it almost for month and can be fully charged from laptop USB during one hour.

As you may see on the picture, the EFO Air mouse doesn’t have a touchpad anymore. Instead of that it sports gyration mouse. It’s really cool but I have some troubles with it when I need a point it to specific menu item in XBMC and press left or right button using one hand. In my experience Gyration remote control is handier then it.

Useful addition to good battery and flying mouse is IR transmitter. It has a few buttons on the back side of the keyboard and supports two devices. So, using the EFO Air mouse you may control your HTPC by RF and TV and/or AV received or satellite box by IR, which is quite good for forty dollars.

From remote control to pointer


Looks like the next devices to control AV equipment will be pointer (till the gesture interfaces will be available for mass-production). The American company Hillcrest Labs announced its new pointer – Scoop Pointer and software for it. The pointer has six-axis control and nine programmable buttons, which should make control under HTPC or smart TV easier and more natural. The device will be available in Q4 under different brands.

As a owner Gyration remote control with built-in pointer I can say it’s really cool. Even for the flat oriented navigation like in XBMC.