DreamPlug PC is a base for tiny controller

Tiny DreamPlug PC

DreamPlug PC is a new devices from Globalscale Technologies – well-known producer of GuruPlug and SheevaPlug. It has 1.2GHz Marvell Sheeva ARM processor, 512MB of DDR-2-800MHz RAM, 1GB of microSD storage for system files, two gigabit ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA 2.0 port, SD card slot, Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth and a headphone jack. It’s ready for Debian or Ubuntu installation as well as for other Linux distribution.

The DreamPlug PC can be a good base for home server (you can use Amahi, for example) or smarthome controller (mini distribution of LinuxMCE). It’s compact, energy-efficient but has enough power for serious applications. Also device has a good price – just $150.

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HomeSeer HomeTroller-Mini Linux Based Home Automation Controller

HomeSeer HomeTroller-Mini Linux Based Home Automation Controller

Recently Homeseer launched its new home automation controller called HomeTroller-Mini. It’s made in plug PC form-factor, has 1Ghz processor and gives ability to control Z-Wave devices. Homeseer also mentioned in its press release about supporting other protocols but didn’t clarify which ones.

The HomeSeer HomeTroller-Mini controller will be available in Q2 of 2011 at $300. It isn’t bad but you can build something similar by yourself. For example, using GuruPlug and LinuxMCE mini distribution you may get Z-Wave controller for about $100. Plus DIY fun.

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Amahi for the Marvell Plug Computer released!

Ionics Stratus Plug Computer

As we expected today Amahi Plug Edition for the Plug Computer platform based on the Marvell ® ARMADA processor was released. You can get it here.

Also Amahi launched a theme and app contest where you can win 6 FREE 1.2GHz Ionics Stratus Plug Computers with WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave (for home automation) and Gigabit Ethernet! Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity!

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Special version of Amahi home server for Plug Computer

Plug Computer

Amahi development team is going to release tomorrow a special distribution of their home service for Plug Computer – very compact device, based on Marvell ® ARMADA processor. The advantages of such solution are following:

  • The Plug Computer offers remarkably low power consumption: 3 ~ 8 Watts, which is very impressive!
  • It’s fanless and virtually noiseless. If you run yours with a flash drive, it has zero noise (and uses even less power!)
  • Small footprint. You can put your server wherever it’s convenient. If you are in tight quarters, like in a student dorm, or a cramped office, this is the perfect solution to getting your data where you want it!
  • It’s inexpensive – typically Plug Computers run $99 for a base system!

A typical setup is a 1.2GHz unit with an external USB drive attached. When idle, it comes to about 3 Watts; 7 to 8 Watts while booting and about 4 Watts with bursts of 6 Watts while streaming a full movie to an iPad with our very popular Videos5 app or a 1080p stream to an HDTV. Not bad indeed. And the next generation (already starting to ship) will have processors at 2GHz, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth built in! So, stay tune!