TV with IP control

TV with IP control

Klegg Electronics and Autonomic Controls announced the next generation Klegg KLM401A 40” Flat Panel LCD Television which allows to users to control media functions by sending IP commands over a standard Ethernet or wireless network.

Klegg Electronics and Autonomic Controls are members of the AMX In-Concert Program. So, their TV may be integrated with AMX, Crestron or HAI home control and automation systems. I suspect that it might be used with any others open source systems such as Plutohome.

LG plasma TV includes PVR

LG Plasma

LG made a clever move. Its 55PB2DR 55 inch plasma TV includes PVR functionality! LG already has another plasma with a built-in PVR – 60PC1D. It includes 160 GB of storage, allowing 13 hours of HD recordings and 63 hours of standard definition video. The 55PB2DR is simpliest. It allows to pause, record, and replay TV programs up to two hours past the original broadcast. But it’s really cool approach. You shouldn’t place media PC near your TV, install and configure any media center software. You should just switch on your plasma and that’s it. Sure, the media center may give you more features. But TV with built-in PVR will be right for 40-50% of all TV fans at least. So, LG did a big step forward in TV industry.

Plasma HDTV Buyer’s Guide

HDTV is coming to our home. So, it’s time to know how to buy right Plasma HDTV. eCoustics offers a “Plasma HDTV Buyer’s Guide” that includes over 20 models from 7 manufacturers, in sizes ranging from 42″ to over 60″. Read it and enjoy your new TV!

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