3D technology becomes more affordable

Samsung 50-inch PN50C490 3D-ready plasma HDTV

A new 50-inch 3D-ready HD plasma TV from Samsung will be available in US for less then $1K! The TV has resolution 720p (it isn’t FullHD actually) and sports three HDMI v1.4 inputs, a single USB port, two component video inputs with left/right analog audio and a shared composite/PC (RGB) and PC audio/RF input.

If you like that Samsung TV and are going to buy it remember that additionally you’ll need active-shutter glasses – $150 per set and, of course, Blu-ray player of satellite receiver with 3D support. But in any case, the price $989 for 50″ 3D HD TV is unbelievable! And this is just a beginning. Let’s see what Samsung’s competitors will do next.

24 different ways to mount a flat-panel TV

How to mount your plasma

CEPro published a slideshow which demonstrates how your flat-panel TV can be mounted. I was impressed by different kinds of rotating interfaces and mounting TV over fireplace. In the last case some additional work should be done to protect TV from the heat.

Super thin and green HDTVs at CES 2009

Here is a few models of super thin Full HD TVs demonstrated on CES 2009. The first one is Panasonic’s 0.33-inch thick Neo Eco Plasma. Additionally to its amazing thickness it utilizes 50% less energy than previous Panasonic models.


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Full HD TV/PC combo from Compass Systems

Compass Systems 47-inch full HD PCTV

Korean producer of embedded systems Compass Systems announced its new product PT-47FHD. It’s a 47 inch Full High Definition LCD TV combined with full-blown PC. Unfortunately, there is no any words about PC specification and product price.

The PT-47FHD seems quite interesting. I suppose that it can be used as HTPC with media center software MythTV or MCE. And in that case you don’t need add dedicated media center PC for that TV.

The Full HD TV/PC combo will be available in Korea market in mid-August.

[via AVING.Net]

Wireless Plasma TV from Samsung

Samsung's latest 94 Series plasma

Samsung released a new plasma series with a built-in 802.11n module. Thanks to that module a TV can communicate with a hidden receiver located up to 60 meters away from it. The receiver allows to transmit the audio and video signals up to 1080i HD resolution. It also includes three HDMI 1.3 ports with CEC technology for easy home theater expansion. Over-the-air HDTV channels can be viewed with the built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM digital tuner.

The wireless plasmas will be available in 50-inch and 58-inch varieties at the end of the year with price $3599 and $5299, respectively.

[via CrunchGear]

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