DIY: Let your plants talk via Twitter

Botanicalls Twitter

If you continuously forget to watering your plants Botanicalls Twitter is what you actually need. Using a simple electric parts and a bit knack you’ll get an intelligent system which will measure moisture level and notify you via Twitter (in case of connecting the system to the Internet) about necessity of watering. That’s really cool, it’s it? But maybe that irrigation system would be more useful because you need just put the water into tank time by time. The rest will be done automatically.

Hydroponic Herb Rack

Herbi – Hydroponic Herb Rack is another way of looking at growing of house plants. It’s ready to go for up to 1 month of hassle-free operation such watering, nutrient feeding, ph+ and ph- control. The Herbi comes with control unit which will indicate by LED behind the corresponding icon about necessity to supplement water and nutrients. Additionally, Herbi has stylish design from Yanko Design which blend well to your home. Maybe I should start to grow some plants with the Herbi 🙂

Hydroponic Herb Rack

[via Yanko Design]