Bring music to your home with Pioneer Music Tap

Pioneer Music Tap

Pioneer offers a really amazing product – X-SMC3-S Music Tap. It plays audio content from almost all kinds of sources except tape, of course. The device supports AirPlay and DLNA (thanks built-in WiFi and Ethernet) and sports 2.5″ color LCD screen, FM tuner, iPhone/iPod dock and USB port. It can communicate by Bluetooth as well with optional AS-BT200 adapter). Stylish design, wide range of media sources, good quality of sound and reasonable price ($399.00) make the X-SMC3-S Music Tap of a good choice for compact home audio system.

Three Pioneer Blu-ray players officially in US

Pioneer's Blu-ray player

The BDP-120, BDP-320 and pictured BDP-23FD support Profile 2.0, Full HD video and audio. Additionally BDP-320 and BDP-23FD sports 1GB internal flash memory but BDP-120 doesn’t. It also lack 7.1-channel analog outs. Those differences and using of various video processing technologies produce different prices – $299, $399 and $599, respectively.

A few days before trio of Pioneer Blu-ray players were announced for the UK market.

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