Using Philips Pronto as AMX control panel

Emulinx and Pronto

Axis Control demonstrated on the CEDIA 2009 its new software Emulinx for Pronto which can turn Philips Pronto into an AMX touchscreen. Its implementation is done using ProntoScript – Pronto JavaScript programming environment. The Pronto with Emulinx offers the same functionality as native AMX touchscreen panel for less money. Actually you can save $1000 and more depending on Pronto’s screen size.

It seems that Pronto TSU controllers became universal solution for the smarthome systems. Currently they support AMX, Lutron RadioRa, Escient Firebal, HAI and about 140 other products including multiroom audio, security and surveillance.

I’d like to remind you about Russian software Iridium which allows to use iPhone, iPod Touch, Win Mobile smartphone or WinXP/Vista UMPC, netbook or PC as AMX control panel. It’d be nice to compare Iridium with Emulinx. At the first glass the Iridium offers cheaper way to have full-function AMX control panel then Emulinx. Also the range of devices which can be used with Iridium is much bigger.

Philips demonstrated slider-remote

Philips' 3rd gen Aurea 'egg' remote

Philips showed its new compact remote control which looks like mobile slider but without screen. The most often usable buttons are placed on the top panel – navigation, playback control etc. The numeric, letter and a few service keys are put on the slide part. So, they are hide if you don’t need them.

Actually there is nothing revolutionary but remote looks nice and handy. The demo video is available after jump.
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Video presentation of Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV

Philips Cinema 21:9

The Philips’ ultra wide screen 56-inch HDTV with aspect ration 21:9 was presented in London. Have a look video. It’s really amazing TV! There is still no published specification except information about five HDMI inputs (wow, HD era is already came).

The Cinema 21:9 HDTV is gonna be available this Spring at an estimated £3,000 ($4,276) price tag.

[via Engadget]

Ultra widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV from Philips

Philips widescreen TV

Philips introduced its widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV. That the first cinema-proportioned 56″ TV incorporates Ambilight technology. Since there is a lot of movies with 16:9 ratio it’d be interesting to know how Cinema 21:9 will handle them. According to producer it shouldn’t be a problem. It will accurately match “on-screen content to extend the picture beyond the confines of the screen”.

Philips promised to start selling Cinema 21:9 in Europe that Spring. The price and detailed spec are not available at that moment.

[via Engadget]

Philips Prestigo Remote Control

SRU9600 The new Philips Prestigo (SRU9600) remote control blends control, comfort and convenience together. It has built-in LCD touchscreen which displays the buttons you need to operate the currently selected device only. Simple and general commands, such as volume and channel up/down, can also be activated by hard keys on the unit as well.

The remote can control up to 8 different devices from 20 categories. The set-up wizard and the remote’s learning capabilities (to learn IR codes from other remote just point to it!) make process of configuration easy and intuitive.

The SRU9600 is available at all leading electronic stores and retailing at $239.

[via eHomeUpgrade and HardwareZone]

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