We got back

As I already mentioned in the Smarthome Blog Twitter our web hosting was hacked and all data were lost. Thankfully I didn’t delete backup of files and database when I moved from the old hosting on last April. So, don’t be surprised that the latest post is dated that month. Not sure that I’ll able to restore April, May and June posts. But I’ll try to post useful and interesting information about home automation and smart gadgets. Stay tune!

UPDATE: Well, all posts since 8th of April are restored from the Google Reader (thanks Google!). Unfortunately all comments were lost completely. The design was already updated till the version before crash. And now it’s time to make backup 🙂

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My dear readers. Now you have an option to receive blog updated not only via RSS but from Twitter too. Just go to Smart Home Blog Twitter page and press Follow button. As result you’ll read announces of new posts on that page, your IM or SMS. Hope it’ll be helpful for you.

Happy Birthday, Smarthome Blog!

MoBo cake

Three years ago I got a new hobby – smarthome. To share my experience and tell about interesting devices and software at the same time I started the Smarthome Blog. Since that time the audience of the blog grew and broadened. I hope all of your were/will find on the Smarthome Blog something interesting for you. And new readers are very welcome!

Happy birthday, Smarthome Blog!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year

I’d like to wish to all blog readers a happy New Year! Thanks for all of you to stay here and grow blog audience! Hope all your wishes will come true in 2009!

Happy Birthday, Smart Home Blog!

2nd birthday

Completely forget about birthday of Smart Home Blog. It’s two years old now (actually the first post was done at 6th of February 2006)! As I see the number of blog readers is growing day by day and they spent enough time to read posts. But this is not my target. My target is sharing of my experience with home automation and popularization of smarthome technologies and systems. Especially my favourite one, LinuxMCE.

I’d like to say “Thanks” for all blog readers and commenters. I hope you’ll find many interesting things in the Smart Home Blog in the future! So, stay in tune!

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