Add X10 automation into MythTV interface


Recently I mentioned about possibility to control X10 devices from MythTV interface. Here is a detailed explanation how to add that feature into your media center. As I suspected that approach uses Perl interface to the X10 API (ControlX10-CM17). It also needs libdevice-serialpor.

Using approach showed below you’ll able to control X10 devices not only from MythTV on-screen menu but from its remote control as well. Great work!

Simulate equalizer with Perl script


iMON VFD display is included in one of the most popular cases for HTPC – SilverStone. It’s supported by LCDProc. So, there is no any problem to install its driver under Linux. Moreover, MythTV – open source media center front-end allows to display on iMON VFD some useful information such channel number, movie name etc. For all who needs more Linux offers a flexible interface to the all devices in the system. As example, let’s see that Perl script which simulate graphical equalizer on iMON VFD display. I run it in my media center based on SilverStone LC20M. It works fine but unfortunately it doesn’t display real data. At least it may give you some ideas.

BlueLava: CGI interface for x10

BlueLava is a Perl web application which allows to control your x10 devices via Internet. It’s run as CGI script (it’s old school but many providers support CGI and its configuration is extremely simple) and uses various commandline x10 utilities. The latest version – v0.4.1 offers WAP interface. So you’ll able to control your home devices even from your mobile phone. Demo version of BlueLava 0.4.3 can be found here.

BlueLava is developed using Perl under GPL license. So if you’re Perl geek you can extend it easily and share your result with other people.

BlueLava v0.4.3 can be downloaded here.