Pepper Computer is alive!


Pepper Computer, Inc. – producer Linux-bases UMPC PepperPad (its hardware part is given to the other company now) is not dead! The company faced with finance problems. So, there is a big changes in that company. The most important is an open sources of Pepper Linux IMHO (PepperPad uses that OS). It’s good. Especially after an amazing popularity of Nokia’s Internet Table Family: 770, N800 and coming N810. Hope that open source Pepper Linux will involve a lot of fans to produce a deserve competitor to Windows-based Origami UMPC.

A new PepperPad 3 in action

PepperPad 3 Live

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Engadet published live photos of a new Linux-based UMPC PepperPad 3. The unit is 22 mm thick, 0.9 kg weighs and the screen size has been trimmed down to 7-inches. It’s based on AMD LX800 processor and offers SDK to develop some applications. Others improvments since last version include: 3x faster web browsing and enhanced video performance, “faster” 802.11g WiFi and USB 2.0.
The price of new PepperPad is tagged at $700 which is near to Samsung Q1 and TabletKiosk. It’s definitelly geek gadget! I thougn to use a Nokia770 as Plutohome control panel – Orbiter. The new PepperPad 3 may be better canditate for it.

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