A new “bleeding edge” alpha version includes Pandora

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On the last boxee NYC meetup the new (and maybe last) alpha version was presented. With supporting of Pandora it offers listening of quickmix, favorite stations and creation of new stations. Additionally with RadioTime it’s possible to listen to over 100,000 radio stations from around the world.

Both apps were built using a new boxee API. It allows developers to build apps using XML pages and Python scripts. So, using it you’ll able to add support of new services or control the data and metadata around the media easily. See BoxeeHQ to find available plugins, apps and hacks or place your stuff there.

Sonos new bundle integrated with Pandora

Sonos + Pandora

Sonos announced its new bundle to build multi-room music system. Now you can get two ZonePLayers ZP80 and ZP100 and controller for $1000. Moreover, good news for all Pandora fans. The new bundle is integrated with Pandora. Just for $4 per month you’ll able to stream “nerds’ favorite recommendation-based customized internet radio” to your rooms.

I’d like to note that Squeezebox includes that possibility maybe for years.

Stream Music with Squeezebox


Squeezebox is a great product of a company Slim Devices. Using it you can easily access any song in your music collection, from any room in your home. With built-in support for true 802.11g and advanced lossless compression technologies, you can locate your Squeezebox up to three times further from your wireless access point. Also, Squeezebox can serve as a wireless bridge, allowing other network-ready devices to connect through its ethernet port.

Squeezbox supports all famous music formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis. Also, it can connect to the Pandora website and build “smart” playlist according to a ‘genome map’ of music.

Also, Squeezebox can be integrated with home automation system i. e. Plutohome. It’ll work perfect as part of your smarthome.

The price is also very reasonable – just $249.

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