N810 maemo submission accepted

Nokia N810

My project – Plutohome Orbiter for Nokia770/N800 was accepted to the N810 maemo device program! Thanks to Nokia I’ll able to port and test the Plutohome/LinuxMCE Orbiter to the new N810 and smarthome folks will get a possibility to control their houses using Nokia’s Internet Tablet.

Thank you Nokia for the perfect gadgets and choice of Plutohome Orbiter project!

Nokia N70 as Mobile LinuxMCE Orbiter

Nokia N70

People on the LinuxMCE forum confirm that smartphone Nokia N70 can be used as Mobile Orbiter. It’s good because before I heard about support OS Symbian 1th Edition. But N70 is based on Second Edition according to Wikipedia. So, only Third Edition doesn’t allow to run the Orbiter.

Mobile Orbiter uses Bluetooth to communicate with core. It offers function ‘Follow-Me’ transparently. You just leave one room and come to another with your mobile phone with activated Orbiter. Media will follow you in that case.

Updates for LinuxMCE and Plutohome Orbiters

Yesterday I released an updates for the LinuxMCE 0704 and Plutohome Orbiters. Following changes were done:

  • fixed a bug with running Orbiter from the application menu;
  • fixed a bug with incorrect destroying of the Orbiter;
  • modified a bit layout to fit captions for LinuxMCE version;
  • added appropriate description for LinuxMCE version;
  • fixed a few spelling mistakes in the ‘About’ section

Also, I’m planning perform following tasks next step: add all Orbiter’s dependencies to the Maemo extra repository and build a package for MS TrueType Fonts. The package for MS TrueType Fonts is needed because people usually forget to copy those fonts from the core to their Nokia. As result all dynamic captions are not visible.

The latest versions of the Orbiter for LinuxMCE and Plutohome can be downloaded as usual from the Maemo garage.

Nokia770/N800 Orbiter for LinuxMCE

LinuxMCE logo

Recently I tried to run Plutohome Orbiter with LinuxMCE RC1. But without luck. Because as I understand RC1 corresponds to Plutohome So, I tested version of Orbiter on my Nokia N800 and it works! Currently the Orbiter is available as tar file only. But I’m going to build a package for Nokia and place it on Maemo garage this week.

Mobile Orbiter will work over WiFi


This is a good news for all MotoQ and Treo owners. According to that post on Pluthome forum next release (I hope) will include a Mobile Orbiter (PlutMO) for those Windows based smartphones (and maybe for all the rest) which will work over WiFi. Originally, those phones don’t have built-in WiFi adapter but they allow to use miniSD WiFi card. Currently Treo can be used as Mobile Orbiter with Bluetooth dongle. MotoQ uses different Bluetooth driver. As result, it doesn’t work with PlutoMO.

Support of Symbian 60 3rd edition is also pending task of Pluto developers. The latest phones use that OS. But PlutoMO doesn’t work with it. Developers promised to add support of latest Symbian soon (I’m afraid it wont be

Currently following mobile phones can be used as PlutoMO:

  • phones with symbian series 60, 1st ed ONLY;
  • smartphones with windows mobile 2003;
  • Treo 700W with windows mobile 2005.

P. S. If MotoQ and Treo will communicate with Pluto via WiFi the cool media feature ‘Follow Me’ will be lost.

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