WACI-PAD is keypad with morphed buttons

Waci Pad Dynamic Screen IP Wall Switches

WACI-PAD is a keypad with very interesting functions. Each button of it is a small OLED display which can show different icons and initiates different action according to pressed button. The keypad is fit in a single gang electrical box and provides a comfortable user interface. It’s based on 250 MIPs processor, has IR transmitter, RS-232 and Ethernet port to communicates with controlled devices and built-in web server to configure the keypad. Also the WACI-PAD has ability to upgrade its functionality using new new firmware.

As you may see the WACI-PAD can be use as an interface and control system with simple and limited functions of course. But it seems that integration with whole house control system will be difficult a bit.

There is no any word about price and availability of WACI-PAD.

[via AutomatedHome]