Do not miss HADesigner Workshop!

A web/telephone based workshop, which will be held on the 29th of March, at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time was announced on the LinuxMCE site. It is scheduled for two hours. It’ll cover following topics:

  • Orbiter UI Theory and Implementation
  • About Inherited User Interface Design
  • An explanation of the main UI targets currently in use
    • UI1 Horizontal 3:4 (used for TVs and horizontally oriented orbiters such as tablets.)
    • UI1 Vertical 4:3 (used for PDAs)
    • UI2 Horizontal (used for the UI2 TV displays)
    • Symbian 60 (the variation used to describe the mobile orbiter displays)
    • SmallUI (for The Cisco 7970), as well as a small mention of skin variations
  • Loading and looking around in HADesigner
  • DesignObj manipulation
  • Children of DesignObjs
  • Grouping DesignObjs
  • Attaching events to DesignObjs (for buttons, etc.)
  • Using orbiter’s Goto Design Object for basic testing
  • A mention on assigning to screens, and using ScreenGen. can’t go into detail.
  • A mention of the other common designobj types… Arrays, Datagrids, and Desktops
  • Discussion on Skins
  • Other Discussions that may result.

To be productive, please, setup HADesigner according to this wiki article and read that forum topic to configure audio and video from the workshop on your PC.