Updates for LinuxMCE and Plutohome Orbiters

Yesterday I released an updates for the LinuxMCE 0704 and Plutohome Orbiters. Following changes were done:

  • fixed a bug with running Orbiter from the application menu;
  • fixed a bug with incorrect destroying of the Orbiter;
  • modified a bit layout to fit captions for LinuxMCE version;
  • added appropriate description for LinuxMCE version;
  • fixed a few spelling mistakes in the ‘About’ section

Also, I’m planning perform following tasks next step: add all Orbiter’s dependencies to the Maemo extra repository and build a package for MS TrueType Fonts. The package for MS TrueType Fonts is needed because people usually forget to copy those fonts from the core to their Nokia. As result all dynamic captions are not visible.

The latest versions of the Orbiter for LinuxMCE and Plutohome can be downloaded as usual from the Maemo garage.

Nokia770/N800 Orbiter for LinuxMCE

LinuxMCE logo

Recently I tried to run Plutohome Orbiter with LinuxMCE RC1. But without luck. Because as I understand RC1 corresponds to Plutohome So, I tested version of Orbiter on my Nokia N800 and it works! Currently the Orbiter is available as tar file only. But I’m going to build a package for Nokia and place it on Maemo garage this week.

Control your HAI system with Nokia770

Nokia770 and HAI

Here is another good opportunity (the first was the price at just $140) to buy Nokia770. According to Mavromatic blog it’s possible to use Nokia770 to control HAI home automation system. It’s based on MS Windows. So, there are actually two ways to do that: web interface and RDP or Remote Desktop client. This means that using Nokia770 you can control not only HAI system but any Windows based home automation system which offers access via rdesktop.

Plutohome Orbiter for


Since the Nokia770/N800 Orbiter for Plutohome works fine I started to port my changes to coming version. The good opportunity to do that was request one of Plutohome user who built from the sources and would like to test Nokia Orbiter there.

I was very surprised when I started compile the Orbiter. I didn’t see any warnings about unusable variables or wrong type casting! Respect Plutohome developers for cleaning their code. This is a sure sign of coming stable version because the current one is still beta with all the ensuing consequences. Also, the logger functionality was changed. Probably, it’ll make logging process more efficient.

If you managed to build and run Plutohome you can download the latest Orbiter (currently for os2006 only and as TAR file), test it and send bug-report. Good luck!

Amazing price on Nokia770!


According to LinuxDevices.com at least two large online retailers are selling Nokia’s 770 Internet Tablet for $140 (originally it was priced at $400!). It’s really amazing price because some universal remote such Philips Pronto or Nevo are much expensive (as you may know Nokia770 can be used as control panel for home automation system Plutohome and for music streamer SlimServer).

That news is good for all folks who decided to use Nokia770 to control their homes using Plutohome. Together with Plutohome developer Christian Miron we modified SDL Orbiter to have possibility run it on Nokia770. Also, I created a simple Maemo application to handle the Orbiter easier from Nokia770 UI.

The latest (and mostly stable) version of Plutohome Orbiter for Nokia770 can be found here (os2006 and os2007 Hacker Edition). Also, you may try the Orbiter on your N800 as well.

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