OpenGL Plutohome Orbiter on Nokia770


When I played with Nokia770 under OS2005 I built the Plutohome Orbiter with OpenGL support. As result I run UI2 with overlay on Nokia770. it was completely useless because UI2 was designed for Gyration remote control or mouse pointer. So, on Nokia770 it was difficult to navigate through menu.

Tune Nokia770 to use as LinuxMCE Orbiter

Many users of Nokia770 claim that the device work unstable as LinuxMCE Orbiter. The Orbiter crashes very often, especially on Video screen. So, I decided to make a brief research to make device more stable. Here is a few suggestions.
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Nokia770/N800 as a LinuxMCE IP phone

Yesterday I tested Nokia770 and N800 as IP phones for LinuxMCE. I used Internet Communications Software for that. N800 was flashed by the latest OS2008 which already included it from the box. so, I just add a generic phone in LinuxMCE and setup a new SIP account on N800. After quick reload of router N800 connected to the Asterisk.

For Nokia770 I use OS2007 Hacker Edition. So, I followed by instructions from Internet Communications Software site and installed it successful regardless of the fact that the last package gave error. Finally, I added another generic phone to the LinuxMCE and configure SIP account on the Nokia770. After that I make a call from N800 to Nokia770. The quality of sound was good except a small echo (remember, I didn’t modify any options of Asterisk). But generally it was acceptable.

It’s really nice option to use Nokia770 or N800 as a SIP phone with Asterisk. But it’d be much better to integrate it into Orbiter. Maybe somebody knows howto do it.

Nokia770/N800 as smart remote control


Using Nokia770 or its next generation N800 is limited just your imagination and a little bit of hardware issue. The new Maemo application Ir Remote Control can be a good confirmation of that. The application gives a easy way to use Internet Tablet as remote control for your A/V equipment and home appliance.

The first versions of the Ir Remote Control used a dedicated PC with running LIRC server there. The latest one has its own LIRC back-end and supports IR Trance Ethernet to send IR command via LAN.

Basically, the Ir Remote Control uses LIRC client library to send desired command:

netirsend --server 'localhost' --port '8765' 'SEND_ONCE' 'Yamaha_RAV16' 'Vol+'

– server – IP address or service name where LIRC is running;
– post – LIRC server port;
– SEND_ONCE – LIRC directive, can be also SEND_START and SEND_END;
– Yamaha_RAV16 – the name of remote supported by LIRC (the command LIST can be used to get the list of all remotes);
– Vol+ – desired command, in that case – increasing of volume.

So, using Nokia770 or N800 together with IT Trance Ethernet and Ir Remote Control gives you an elegant and efficient way to control your IR stuff.

New release of OS2007 Hacker Edition


Yesterday a new version of OS2007 Hacker Edition for Nokia770 was released. Bad news: Skype, Adobe Flash 9 and support of flash memory more than 2Gb are not included there (developers explained that fact by difficulty to port those software to Nokia770 hardware). Good news: device works more stable and much faster. I re-flash my Nokia yesterday. Visually it boots faster and all applications are lunched faster as well. Good work, guys! The new OS2007 Hacker Edition can be downloaded here.

I didn’t install Plutohome or LinuxMCE Orbiter yet. I’m going to upload all its dependencies to the Maemo Extras repository first. I hope it’ll make a process of Orbiter installation much easier. So, after I install the Orbiter and test it I’ll write my impressions here. Stay tune!

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