Tuner tool for Nokia 770

Nokia 770 is the best product of Nokia (IMHO). It’s based on Linux and has open API and architecture. That fact clarifies a huge number of third party applications hosted on maemo.org. Here is a brief review of the latest ones:

1. Tuner tool (home page).

It’s based on GStreamer and KISS FFT library to perform a fourier transform on a signal and extract fundamental frequency. The version 0.0.2 has a piano keyboard to generate reference tones.


2. Zip and Unzip for Nokia 770 (home page)

This is an adaptation of popular archivator for Nokia770.

3. New home applets.

There were just a couple applets in the first version of Nokia 770. Now you can use Bluetooth plugin, CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet or IpHome homepage-plugin. Additioanlly, linux geeks will be glade to use VIM, Midnight Commander, Links, IRSSI IRC client, Rdesktop. Developers can use Python or SmallBASIC.

All those applications and even more you can find in the Maemo Application Catalog or in the alternative repositories. The brief but informative explanation howto work with Nokia770 can be find in the article “Linux on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet”.

The new face of Nokia 770

After testing of beta version Nokia has released an OS 2006 for 770 Internet Tablet. As you can see on the picture above the desktop applets were changed. They look much better now IMHO. Other changes are:
  • VoIP capabilities
  • IM and Google Talk messaging client
  • Integrated addressbook with presence information
  • Better performance, as well as a control-panel option for setting up a swap partition on the rs-mmc card
  • Better memory recovery when applications are closed
  • Google search bar available in home screen
  • Browser URL input field has partial matching
  • Home screen items now can be rearranged
  • Thumb keyboard is “input method of choice”
  • Package manager handles package feeds, and allows custom menu placement
The Tablet OS 2006 upgrade apparently completely wipes out all Tablet OS 2005 applications. Specifically, the Nokia 770 upgrade page states, “Installed applications designed for OS 2005 will not be compatible with OS 2006 edition and will not be restored even from backup.” It’s not good for me because my Nokia 770 includes a bunch of useful applications and Plutohome Orbiter for using with next release – 2.0.40. Where is apt-get?
Anyway, if you are Nokia 770 Internet Tablet owner and you want to test new functionality you can download Tablet OS 2006 here.

Next-gen Nokia 770

Next-gen Nokia 770

Nokia continues improve its Internet Table Nokia 770. First of all Nokia is looking at a number of different form factors. 770 has comfortable and stylish desing but maybe new one will be better. It’s planning to add a support of webcam. The lastest firmware update already contained Google Talk instant-messaging and Internet telephony support. So, the webcam support will be very useful. Also, Nokia 770 development team is planning to add some new interface methods. The device currently uses a touch screen with a stylus for text input, though thumb-happy typers can switch to a more clumsy digit input mode with the virtual keyboard expanded to almost the full screen size.

Including cellular connectivity and WiMax gives rise to a lot of talk. As I know Nokia is not going to give to 770 cellular phone functionality. But it doesn’t disclaim a possibility to support WiMax on the assumption of its prevalence.

[via CNET.News]

New face of Nokia770

Nokia has released a beta version of Internet Tablet OS 2006. There are a lof of bug fixes and new bugs as well. As you can see on the picture below the Nokia desktop looks better. But Bill Beebe reported some serious bugs such reboots after trying to change WiFi connection or the browser crashes. I didn’t receive Nokia 770 back (we sent it to the Plutohome development team to customize Orbiter for Nokia 770). The first I’ll do upgrate of OS 2005 and then maybe I’ll play with OS 2006 Beta.

Nokia 770

Nokia 770 a firmware upgrade

Nokia 770 Nokia 770 developers promised to include next version of OS some usefull features such IM and VoIP client. Well, they did it in OS 2006. Moreover, existing owners of Nokia 770 can get it as upgrade. It allows to get new features without waste their customizations.

A new features in the OS 2006 edition include:

  • Pre-installed Google Talk
  • Free service lets users chat and speak
  • Interoperates with any Jabber-based chat client
  • Support standard SIP based VoIP clients for enterprise use ()
  • Enhanced text typing with full-screen finger keyboard
  • Improved memory performance
  • Refreshed look
  • Improved home view desktop applets for fast access to Internet services, such as searching Google

As benefit for using open source platform, Nokia get from Maemo community about 120 stable applications for the 770, including an instant messaging client based on GAIM. These are all available for download at no charge.

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