New Popcorn Hour NMT

Popcorn Hour A-200 Networked Media tank

Syabas released recently a next generation of its networked media tank (NMT) A-200. The A-200 doesn’t have optical drive like C-200, but it has a lot of advantages over old model A-110. It sports faster processor and bigger DRAM and NAND Flash. Additionally the A-200 will have new rich UI, which is more attractive and user friendly then previous one, and ability to install new apps, developed by third-party developers, from App Center. Additionally the A-200 meets EU Green Power Requirement, which will help to reduce energy consumption and save the environment.

The rest spec is more or less the same with A-110. The A-200 still plays everything it find in the internal HDD, USB mass storage, network shares or online services. It looks much better in my mind and its price is very very nice – just $179! If I remember correctly this is less then the price of the A-110 was. So, the A-200 seems good candidate to occupy the space in the AV stand.

Popcorn Hour C-200 is available for order

popcorn hour c200

Popcorn Hour C-200 is available for order on its producer site at the price $299.00. The new model sports stronger processor, optional Blu-ray capability, gygabit Ethernet and RF remote control. There is a IR kit to use some IR-based universal remote control if you don’t satisfy RF one. The C-200 now lacks for TV tuner to replace all AV devices near TV.