Pogoplug Mobile for smartphones and tables owners

Pogoplug Mobile

Pogoplug well-known brand. Thanks to their cloud-based stylish storage devices. Recently Pogoplug launched a smartphone-friendly version – Pogoplug Mobile. It doesn’t include internal HDD. Instead it has one USB port, SD card reader and Ethernet. You still should activate attached storage on Pogoplug online service. But all files stored on Pogoplug Mobile will stay on the attached storage and not on Pogoplug cloud service.

The special appeal the Pogoplug Mobile is a transparent integration with Android and iOS mobile devices as well as with Windows and Mac OS X desktops. It allows easy and fast way to backup mobile device/desktop data to the Pogoplug Mobile and stream media content from Pogoplug Mobile. Sure you may find some other way to link your smartphone and home NAS. But Pogoplug Mobile offers it as a bundle and for the reasonable price – $79. If you’re interested to buy it don’t miss the October 1st when it’ll be available in shops.

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Boxee will appear on the Iomega TV NAS

Synology DS211j

Boxee partnered with Iomega to bring its excellent HTPC software to Iomega TV NAS. Iomega TV is powered by the Intel Atom processor CE4100 like Boxee Box. So, it’ll make more easy to produce firmware for both devices in the future. To control device the remote control with QWERTY will be used which looks like that Philips remote.

The Iomega TV NAS with Boxee will come with three configurations: diskless – $229, 1Tb – $299 and 2Tb – $349. It’ll be available later this this quarter. And possible we can see it on CES 2011.

Synology NAS DS211+: quiet and energy-efficient

synology ds211plus NAS

Today NAS isn’t something unattainable for home users. Its price is going down while the amount of media content is going up. So, many companies offer their solution for SOHO segment. One of them is Synology. Its new NAS DS211+ has a few very good features which distinguish it from many other similar devices. First of all, it’s quiet. Its noise level is just about 20 dB(A) thanks to a 92mm low-rotation fan. Believe me this is very important. I have DLink DNS-321 and the noise produced its small fan is really annoying. Also device is energy-efficient. It takes about 24 Watt.

The DS211+ supports two 3.5″ hot-swappable hard drives with summary capacity up to 6TB. Additionally it sports gigabit Ethernet, three USB and one eSata ports. Plus SD cardreader. A 1.6GHz processor and 512MB RAM should be enough to have a good performance for UPnP or Samba services. Using additional packages from Synology it’ll be possible to install Squeezebox Server, Webalizer or phpMyAdmin.

The Synology NAS DS211+ is available now for about $400. It isn’t so cheap as DLink devices, for example. But the hardware and software quality cannot be inexpensive.

Seagate announcing FreeAgent Theater+ and DockStar

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player

I already wrote about Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater – media player with dock for FreeAgent Go portable HDD. It looked very attractive. Especially for non-geek people who don’t want to spend their time to setup Popcorn Hour or HTPC. But it had one big disadvantage – missed HDMI output.

It took 9 monthes to produce improved version of FreeAgent Theater. FreeAgent Theater+ has not only HDMI output but Ethernet port and ability to wireless connection to the LAN using USB WiFi adapter. Sure it supports all known media formats and containers as many networked media players as well as 1080p HD video, DTS 2.0 + Digital Out or Dolby Digital technology. The player for consumers offers a simple and intuitive user interface.

The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ is already available at $149.99. The bundle player plus 500Gb FreeAgent Go costs $289.99. The FreeAgent Theater+ Wireless Adapter is expected to be available in October as a separate accessory through Seagate.com for $69.99.

Taking into account the price, offered functionality and the original idea for storage FreeAgent Theater+ can be success competitor for networked media players on the market.

FreeAgent DockStar
Another new product from Seagate is FreeAgent DockStar. It’s a dock-station for FreeAgent Go portable HDD with Pogoplug NAS capabilities. For the $99 you can get FreeAgent DockStar plus one year of Pogoplug remote access and sharing service ($29). Sure you may use original Pogoplug device to share HDD content in the local network. But FreeAgent DockStar is more suitable for FreeAgent Go owners. And it has two USB ports more.

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Using external HDD as NAS with Pogoplug

Pogoplug USB HDD to NAS adaptor

If you have external USB hard drive and would like to access it without PC the Pogoplug is probably what do you need. This stylish adaptor turns any USB storage device into NAS. Additionally to sharing files it provides UPnP service to stream media content by home network. The Pogoplug can be easily configured via web interface. For Linux geeks it provides SSH access and a few open source components. The functionality of the Pogoplug can be expanded by uploading a new firmware. So, later some new features might be added there.

The Pogoplug is available just for $99 which is near to cost some one bay NAS without HDD. But using USB hub you can connect to the Pogoplug more then one device.

You can watch demo video about configuration Pogoplug after jump.
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