Nokia Internet Tablet Controls Windows MCE


MCEGuru is a software for Windows Media Center users which allows to control it from several touchscreen devices. One of those device can be Nokia Internet Tablet – Nokia770, N800 or N810. Once installed on the device and MCE the MCEGuru gives you following options:

  • See your photos
  • List your movies and videos, with their thumbnail image
  • List TV channels configured on your Media Center, as well as the program guide for them
  • List all the music available on your Media Center, and even listening to it directly on your controlling device
  • Manage current playlist on your Media Center
  • Control the currently playing media on your TV, browse in it, etc…

To install MCEGuru on your Internet Tablet use that direct link or check the project page on Maemo site.

MythTV is ported to OS2008

MythTV on N810

Once I blogged about MythTV client for Nokia’s Internet Tablet Nokia770/N800/N810. It was a good chance to watch LiveTV directly on the device. Now I found that the full MythTV front-end was ported to Maemo. It was possible because MythTV was moved to Qt4 (version 0.22 will use it). Author said that Maemo’s port works fine with MythTV 0.21 server. Also he promised to port back-end as well. I think that it’s useless but maybe somebody know how to use it in a practice.

By the way, I use now VDR. So, I’m really interested to have its front-end on N810.

[via MythTV News]

N810 just ordered!

Finally Nokia resolved problems with codes for N810 developer program. So, yesterday I ordered N810 from Nokia on-line shop in UK. I have to wait 2 -3 days when device will be delivered to one of my friend in London and another 2 -3 days when UPS ships it to the Cyprus. I’d like to say many thanks to Nokia and Maemo for that program and support of open source development.

By the way, I’d like to introduce new Orbiter packages for LinuxMCe 0710 (Os2007 and Os2008) and Plutohome (OS2008). They can be downloaded from the LinuxMCE/Plutohome Orbiter project page.

Release of Maemo SDK VMware Appliance 4.0

Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) Beta environment

Recently the new version (4.0) of Maemo SDK VMware Appliance was released. This release includes following: Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) and Maemo 3.2 (Bora) with Nokia Binaries Installer, PyMaemo packages, Vala compiler and its Hildon bindings for Chinook, Maemomm libraries, EVAS (Bora and Chinook, but i386 only), qemu-arm-eabi used as default cpu transparency method, Eclipse with ESbox plugin, and Firefox has now a lot of bookmarks for reference material. Additionally version 4.0 provides code samples for all the libraries and development packages cited above.

Full changelog is available here. The Maemo SDK VMware Appliance 4.0 can be downloaded via HTTP (part 1, 1.0Gb and part 2, 947Mb) or BitTorrent.

I already downloaded and started to use the previous version with beta version of Maemo 4.0 (Chinook). I already built a few packages needed for LinuxMCE Orbiter. Now I’m going to continue my work using the Maemo SDK VMware Appliance 4.0.

UPDATED: After the first running of Maemo SDK VMware Appliance 4.0 I could find the network interface. After a sort googling I got solution – remove the file /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules and restart network service.

N810 maemo submission accepted

Nokia N810

My project – Plutohome Orbiter for Nokia770/N800 was accepted to the N810 maemo device program! Thanks to Nokia I’ll able to port and test the Plutohome/LinuxMCE Orbiter to the new N810 and smarthome folks will get a possibility to control their houses using Nokia’s Internet Tablet.

Thank you Nokia for the perfect gadgets and choice of Plutohome Orbiter project!

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