Another example of using N810 as control panel

Pinnacle Audio with N810

I told many times that Nokia’s Internet Tablet is the best product produced by famous Finish company. It can help a lot when you need cheap but attractive and power solution. As example, let’s see the Folio Music Server from Pinnacle Audio. The N810 with pre-installed Pinnacle Audio software becomes a control panel for the music server and allows to users control music playback without PCs or TV screens connected to it. Watch the N810 on the video below in action.
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How to control LinuxMCE using N810

Nokia N810 can be a good choice to control LinuxMCE based home automation system. It’s compact and not so expensive. See the demo video below which demonstrates the Maemo Orbiter in action.

Nokia already announced the next generation of its internet tablet N900. So, I started building of LinuxMCE Orbiter for Maemo 5.

New LinuxMCE Orbiter for Nokia770/N800/N810

A new fresh version of Nokia770/N800/N810 Orbiter for LinuxMCE is available. The list of changes is not so big but the fixes are very important:

  • fixed issue with wrong colors of floorplan icons (including active media directors);
  • fixed issue with displaying of titles for media files in case of existing covers;
  • fixed issue with initiating phone call from the Orbiter;
  • disabled screen saver.

The new Orbiter for OS2007 and OS2008 (including Diablo) can be downloaded from the Maemo garage or installed/upgraded from the repository.

The next step is to fix issue with button colors and add Hildon compatibility for switching between Orbiter’s window and other applications without crash.

One click installation for Nokia N800/N810 Orbiter

Finally, the repository for Nokia Internet Table Orbiter was setup (thanks to Andrew Herron from Convergent Home Technologies Ltd) to provide one click installation for Orbiter. Actually, that possibility is available for OS2008 (Chinook and Diablo) only. There is no way to specify more then one repository in Mistral (I suppose nobody use it now) and Bora (it’s used on Nokia770 only I guess). So, if you don’t have OS2008 on your device you should add Maemo and Maemo Extra repositories first.

Anyway, with new one click installation the Orbiter can be installed on your device easily and quickly.

Savant’s GUI for N810


Savant Systems provides a big number of devices to control its home automation system. One of them is Nokia’s Internet Tablet. It run Savant’s proprietary software which offers a user friendly graphical interface to manage all devices known by the system.

If I understand clearly it’s impossible to install that software on your own device. You should buy pre-configured N810 from Savant.

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