Using Logitech diNovo Mini with MythTV

Logitech diNovo Mini

Recently Logitech announced very useful gadget for all HTPC owner – wireless palm-sized keyboard diNovo Mini. So, it’s time to start use it with your MythTV box. That wiki page describes how to configure diNovo Mini including media buttons and the mouse track-pad.

It’d be also great if diNovo Mini will be supported by VDR as well.

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Dark Knight MythTV Theme

Dark Knight MythTV Theme

The new story about fearless high-tech fighter with crime Batman was very success with both earned money and viewers’ rating (to be honest I wasn’t impressed by that movie). If you like it you can setup a new Dark Knight based theme for your MythTV box. Unfortunately, it has 4:3 aspect ratio. So, it won’t be situated for the wide screen TVs. You can download the theme from the Rapidshare.

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MythTV iPhone remote app


MyMote is another cool application for iPhone. It transform Apple’s phone into smart MythTV remote control. Unlike a bunch of web based iPhone applications MyMote is developed using Apple iPhone SDK and it can be downloaded from the App Store without any charges. Unfortunately the applications is not approved yet. But you can get an ad hoc distribution of a development snapshot here.

The MyMote is an open source application. So, you can get its code, improve it or make a donation to its author for his excellent work.

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New release of XMLTV

A few days ago new version of XMLTV was released. The changes of v. 0.5.52 are following:

  • tv_grab_uk_rt: lots of improvements.. should upgrade
  • tv_grab_re: better season/episode number handling
  • tv_grab_be: responding to source site changes
  • tv_grab_fr: better title detection
  • tv_grab_huro: now generates stop times
  • tv_grab_na_dtv: responding to source site changes
  • tv_grab_pt: responding to source site changes
  • tv_grab_za: improve episode tags
  • not working, removed: tv_grab_il, tv_grab_nl_wolf
  • some bugfixes and polish.

XMLTV is used in the PVR software such VDR or MythTV to get and parse EPG data.

[via MythTV News]

Roku Netflix Player is potential $100 MythFrontend

Roku Netflix Player

After Roku released Netflix Player and opened codes of its software people started thinking about using it as MythFrontend. Amazing functionality – decoding MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, H.264 and support HD content (1080i/720p), nice design and, of course, good price can make with Netflix Player the same as was done for Hauppauge MediaMVP. It isn’t a problem that the player is designed for Roku IPTV service. MediaMVP was also expected to work in the Microsoft environment. But now it’s full-featured front-end for MythTV. Well, let’s see.

[source: MythTV News]

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