MythTV 0.24 is out!

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Last week MythTV team released a new version of its software for HTPC – 0.24. There is a lot of new features and major changes like new MythUI OSD, Blu-ray disc/folder parsing and playback, Embedded text subtitle support in MKV and others, Experimental Broadcom Crystal HD hardware decoding support, large audio, OSD, captioning/subtitle and video playback refactoring etc.

The MythTV 0.24 supports HD video and audio as well as various TV tuners and DVB cards. It makes that software unique solution to build power HTPC. I like XBMC. But it’s needed integration with VDR to provide PVR functionality. While MythTV has that feature out of the box. Sure XBMC offers rich integration with online services and simple way to develop plugins. But still. Also don’t forget about possibility to control X10 or Z-Wave devices from the MythTV box.

You can install the MythTV 0.24 from tarballs or using special MythTV distribution or packages for your Linux distribution. Also we expect to see that version in the LnuxMCE soon.

MythTV 0.24 Release Candidate 1


The Release Candidate 1 of MythTV 0.24 was released yesterday. It includes following major features:

  • support for 24 bit audio and HD audio formats,
  • initial Blu-ray disc support,
  • experimental support for CrystalHD hardware accelerated video decoding,
  • completely rewritten and themeable OSD (On Screen Display).

You can download the MythTV 0.24 Release Candidate 1 here.

Bugfix for MythTV 0.23 is released


Recently a MythTV development team released a bugfix for the version 0.23. There are no many changes in that release but still. The segfault when resolution or aspect ration is changing is fixed. Also the building from the source procedure was improved to allow to do that under different distributions and with various hardware combination.

You can download the MythTV 0.23.1 with plugins and themes here or wait till your distribution maintainers build the binaries fro you.

Mythbuntu 8.10

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A few days after Ubunru 8.10 was released the Mythbunru 8.10 came out. The main features of that release are following:

  • Mythbuntu-log-grabber – This app grabs specific log files into a single area and can upload them to pastebin for easy troubleshooting
  • Auto Partitioner now creates a XFS filesystem for recordings
  • Mousepad, a GUI editor is now installed by default (similar to gedit)
  • Wubi now supports Mythbuntu
  • Apple trailer plugin is now packaged and available
  • Website now has link to Mythbuntu in the news
  • New Mythbuntu-testing PPA at (contains some packages for gutsy, hardy, and intrepid)

The full release note for the Mythbuntu 8.10 is available here, download instructions here, bugs can be reported here.

Personally I don’t use MythTV (my favourite PVR software is VDR). But I see that it’ll have at least two competitors in the nearest future: XBMC and Boxee. Both look very attractive. The only one important missed feature is PVR. But it’s gonna be implemented soon.

[via MythTV News]

How to remove commercials from MythTV recordings

If you’re tired to watch ad in the your MythTV recordings you may follow by this howto which explain the way to remove it from your favourite shows. As result you won’t be interrupted during playback and the size of the the storage will be reduce.

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