Another example of using N810 as control panel

Pinnacle Audio with N810

I told many times that Nokia’s Internet Tablet is the best product produced by famous Finish company. It can help a lot when you need cheap but attractive and power solution. As example, let’s see the Folio Music Server from Pinnacle Audio. The N810 with pre-installed Pinnacle Audio software becomes a control panel for the music server and allows to users control music playback without PCs or TV screens connected to it. Watch the N810 on the video below in action.
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Next generation of Roku Streaming Media Device will use Qt

Roku Audio

Roku – a leader in Internet-connected digital media players, has selected Qt for Embedded Linux® to be integrated into a soon-to-be-announced multimedia streaming product:

Roku chose Qt because of its ability to quickly create a rich user interface, providing an important time-to-market advantage. Qt also delivers the ability to support multiple operating systems and devices from a single codebase. As with all versions of Qt, developers are able to focus on building the core value of each product, instead of platform-specific maintenance. Qt also eliminates the need to invest resources in multiple languages, toolkits and environments.

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NuVo Wireless USB Syncing Device


Nuvo has released its Wireless USB Syncing Device (NV-USBW), which enables homeowners and installers to sync music from PCs throughout the home to NuVo’s NV-M3 server without the need for a hard-wired connection. It provides a USB device connection over Wireless-G that is specially “tuned” for the NV-M3. As result PCs syncing to the NV-M3 music server no longer need to be close to the NV-M3.

The Wireless USB Syncing Device will be available in December for $399.

Control Sonos Digital Music System via web

Sonos web UI

The web interface is the best UI IMHO. Many producers of A/V and computer equipment offer it to configure and control their products or provide API at least to give a chance to third-part developer produce it. Sonos Digital Music System also provide a way to use the web controller. It allows to control Sonos boxes in the same Sonos Network from any PC which has web browser. You can easily find song, re-index music library, manage music playing. The controller has a plug-in structure. So, its functionality can be extended without touching a main part. You have a choice between nine themes including version for mobile phones.

The controller for Sonos Digital Music System is available for both Linux and Windows. It open source. So it grows fast and you can help by addigng bug report, sending a patch or developing new plug-in or theme.

N800 controls iQ Intelligent Music System

ReQuest iQ
ReQuest is going to introduce Freedom, new application software for the iQ Intelligent Music System. Freedom allows to use Nokia N800 as handheld controller with full command over a multiroom iQ system, using the familiar commands, graphics, and icons of the ReQuest TS35 in-wall touch panel controller. Since many Nokia770 applications work well on N800 I suppose that it might be possible to use it as well.

I already wrote a few posts about using Nokia770/N800 as control panel for music distribution or whole house automation systems. The iQ Intelligent Music System is another good example of success of Nokia’s Internet Tablet.

The Freedom will be available in September and carry a suggested retail price of $500.

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