Bluetooth music receiver BoomBoom 75

Football TV Remote Control

Simple and elegant way to stream music from smartpone or tablet to audio system or boombox is offered by Marmitek. Its BoomBoom 75 can be connected to the aux-in, line-in or MP3-link connection input to receive music over Bluetooth. It’s powered by miniUSB or battery and pairs up to 8 devices. Cool device with reasonable price – just €34.95.

DIY iOS-to-Android dock adapter

iPod dock adapter for Motorola Droid/Milestone

If you don’t want to wait Philips Fidelios media docks for Android devices then you may make it by yourself. You should just follow by this instruction, have some free time and be familiar with electronic and polymorph.

Another way to use iOS dock with Android device is to get the DockBoss+ cable with has iOS connector on the one side and micro-USB + audio jack on another. It’ll cost you around 30 bucks plus delivery.

So, even now we have at least two ways to use Android device as a part of home media system. But personally I’ll wait for Philips Fidelios.

[via Unplggd]

Sonos controller for Android

Sonos Controller for Android

Sonos finally released its controller for Android-based devices. It looks nice and offers a full control over Sonos multi-room music system. User can choose different source for each audio zone as well as control playback and volume. The controller is already available on Android Market for free.

In the same time the Sonos added support of Apple AirPlay to its new firmware v3.4. It allows to stream from the Apple AirPlay, plugged into a Sonos device’s aux-in input, around the home.

Budget multi-room audio system based on LinuxMCE

Base LinuxMCE distribution includes Sqeezebox Control Center aka SlimServer. It allows to build multi-room audio system very easy. But Squeezeboxes are not so cheap as we’d like. So, Dianemo developers (company which offers commercial installations of LinuxMCE and returns back to community a lot of new and fixed functionality) implemented support of several sound cards (including USB ones) on one core or media director. Each card has one Squeezeslave (software implementation of Squeezebox) associated with it. As result using cheap USB sound cards you can build multi-room audio system.

Code to implement SoftAudio feature will be added to the project repository soon. So, hope we’ll have it in some new 0810 update next month.

Russound Collage powerline media system

Russound Collage

Russound Collage is a media system which uses powerline to transmit media content. It’ll be a good choice in case of an embedded multiroom music system for retrofit house. The system includes two components – a Collage Media Manager and Amplified Keypad. The Collage Media Manager is connected to the LAN via Ethernet port to get media content from the network shares and online services. Its power cord provides both power to the unit, as well as a connection to Powerline Carrier network.

The Amplified Keypad sports color LCD display and navigation buttons. Additionally it has built-in FM tuner. So, you’ll able to listen you favourite FM stations as well. Thanks to built-in amplifier the keypad can be directly connected with speakers. Also using built-in microphone two or more keypads can be used as intercoms. The navigation looks very similar to iPod. But it isn’t bad.

Installation of Collage is simple and DIY oriented. But the price is higher then ordinary DIY system. The Collage Media Manager is $549.99 and the Amplified Keypad – $849.00. Russound is planning to produce iPod dock and Source Bridge which will allow to connect external media source such CD changer or CCTV video cameras. In that case the Amplified Keypad will be also used for video monitoring.

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