Home Automation Controller

Home Automation Controller Smarthome offers a new home automation controller mServer Residential Edition. It can be connected to any home network, allowing real-time monitoring, status and control from any connected PC. The mServer includes the pre-installed software application for home automation, which maintains schedules, monitors events and manages your home, even while you are not there. The mServer software runs as a Windows service. So, it’s easy to use Windows-based software application. The controller provides a remote user interface via a built-in web server.

The mServer is compatible with the most of well-known home automation devices such as IP-based security cameras Axis and D-Link, security system Elk M1Gold, HVAC climate control systems RCS and ACT, irrigation controller SimpleHomeNet, IR and relay system Global Cache. The controller supports home automation protocol INSTEON, Z-Wave and, of course, X10.

You can buy the mServer on Smarthome at $1399.99.