Howto control your HomeSeer system using mobile devices


The video below briefly explains what you should do to control your HomeSeer smarthome system using mobile devices – iOS- or Android-based. It isn’t complicated and follow by DIY ideology. With that approach you may replace expensive touchscreen panel by your smartphone or tablet, which save your money and makes control process handy.

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Unlimited Number of Control Devices from iRidium Mobile

pic for blog - Ultimate AMX

iRidium mobile Ltd. – a dedicated software provider for home automation control solutions – introduced a New Type of License – Ultimate License for AMX. It is a license which is bound to an AMX controller (or to a network of AMX controllers) enabling you to control from an UNLIMITED number of control panels (iOS or Windows XP/7). It is very, very convenient… Ultimate License is an amazing option for my business!” said Dmitry Ryzhkov, Technical Director at Seetouch. iRidium Ultimate License for AMX has been made on request of dealers and installers worldwide to simplify installation and maintenance of ambitious AMX projects.

With iRidium Ultimate License you can:

  • Communicate with an AMX controller (or a network of AMX controllers) from an UNLIMITED number of panels
  • Easily replace control panels in case of their loss, damage or upgrade
  • Add new control devices at any stage of your project with no need for licensing
  • Transfer the license to a new controller for free if the old one needs to be replaced

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Android as a way to control your home

Android @ Home

Google recently announced its new platform Android @ Home which should join all devices in the home for easy configuration and management. The idea is to add Android to each device – TV, STB, washing machine, dimmers, switches, lamps etc. Then using ready-made software or built by yourself using Android @ Home SDK you’ll able to manage those devises from Android smartphone or tablets even over Internet. The current conception when the smarhome is built around a controller won’t be used. Each device will be accessible directly. Additionally Google offers integration with its services like Google Music and some video/TV maybe to stream media content over the house.
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LinuxMCE Mobile Orbiter for S60 v.3


After mobile Orbiter based on Java was announced I thought that Symbian Orbiter was dead. JavaMO works fine and it doesn’t need specific platform. The mobile phone just should support Java applications. There are some issues with JavaMO, but it looks much better then S60 Orbiter.

But I was wrong. Thanks to Hari, who started JavaMO development, owners of S60 v.3 smartphones can run native Orbiter on their devices. The updated version of Symbian mobile Orbiter can be downloaded here, demo video – here. Feel free to install it, test and submit found bugs and suggestions here.

UPDATE: There is the newest version of the S60 v3 Orbiter. You can find it here. The changes include hardcoded resolution to 240×320, used by many smartphones, local cache for the screens and some bugfixes.

Nokia’s Home Control Center in action


Recently I wrote about new Nokia’s product – Home Control Center. It’s based on wireless technology Z-Wave and uses mobile phone as a main control device. The system seems very interesting. Especially after Engadget posted demo video from the Nokia World show where it’s showed in action. Watch it after the break!

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