Pogoplug Mobile for smartphones and tables owners

Pogoplug Mobile

Pogoplug well-known brand. Thanks to their cloud-based stylish storage devices. Recently Pogoplug launched a smartphone-friendly version – Pogoplug Mobile. It doesn’t include internal HDD. Instead it has one USB port, SD card reader and Ethernet. You still should activate attached storage on Pogoplug online service. But all files stored on Pogoplug Mobile will stay on the attached storage and not on Pogoplug cloud service.

The special appeal the Pogoplug Mobile is a transparent integration with Android and iOS mobile devices as well as with Windows and Mac OS X desktops. It allows easy and fast way to backup mobile device/desktop data to the Pogoplug Mobile and stream media content from Pogoplug Mobile. Sure you may find some other way to link your smartphone and home NAS. But Pogoplug Mobile offers it as a bundle and for the reasonable price – $79. If you’re interested to buy it don’t miss the October 1st when it’ll be available in shops.

[via Engadget]

Google’s Android in home automation


eHomeUpgrade recently posted a nice example of using Google’s Android in home automation. The project is called AutoHTN and developed by Home Theater Network (HTN). The new software allows to consumers automate and control lighting, security sensors, cameras, electrical outlets, thermostats, streaming video from a HTPC, window blinds, and receivers from mobile phones. Sure the mobile phones should support coming soon Android.

To work with multiple automation protocols such as Z-wave, UPB, and X10 AutoHTN uses the xPL automation protocol. The video streaming is done with VideoLAN, which allows to stream video even via Internet directly to mobile phone with installed AutoHTN.

The AutoHTN looks really cool. But Android is not yet released, there is no any Android powered mobile phone and it isn’t clear will be AutoHTN is free or we should spend some money to pump our mobiles. In any case, it’s good example of application of revolutionary Google’s technology.

[via eHomeUpgrade]