Plex introduced remote access to your media


Last week Plex launched its new online service myPlex which extends rich Plex functionality much more. The first feature of myPlex is access to any media stored on your local Plex-servers over the Internet (several Plex-servers can be linked to one myPlex account). Moreover, you may not just navigate your media library but also stream media content to register mobile Plex-client or share it with your friends or family members. You don’t need any special actions to configure it.

Another useful feature of myPlex is a universal media queue. Using it you can easily add any web video (later will be added another sources as well) when you browse Internet from your laptop or desktop to queue which will be available to any Plex-client in your home. That feature is already available in Boxee long time ago. Now Plex users can use it as well.

PLEX client for Samsung SmartTV

PLEX is coming to Samsung SmartTV. The client is implemented as a widget. It isn’t perfect yet. But it offers quite enough features such a browsing of media library, watching movies and TV shows, pausing, fastforward, continue watching of movie from where it was stopped. Note to be able use PLEX client on your Samsung TV you should have PLEX server. This is the most important difference between XBMC and PLEX. Client-server architecture allows to bring PLEX to various devices like Roku, LG or Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.

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Philips launched media dock for Android devices

Philips Fidelio for Android speaker

Good news for all fans of Android smartphones. Philips announced on IFA 2011 in Berlin three new models of its media docks Fidelios for Android devices. That’s really awesome! The micro-USB connector in the doc can be adjusted in three dimensions to handle all kind of Android smartphones. The biggest model AS851 outputs 30 watts of a superb crystal-clear sound and the smallest one AS111 offers just 10 watts but it has 360-degree sound coverage and compact design.

Additionally the Android docks Fidelios allows Bluetooth connection. To help with it Philips offers free app called Fidelios. So, your Android device can stream music even without inserting to the dock.

There is no any information regarding the availability and price of new Android docks from Philis. I’ll watch it cause I’d like to buy it. So, stay tune!

Short video tour to Crestron DigitalMedia Test Labs

A distribution of audio, video, Ethernet, USB and control data over a single ‘8G’ cable is really impressive! Now you can understand why Crestron solutions are so expensive.

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Seagate Offers FreeAgent Go with pre-loaded movies!


Seagate and Paramount Pictures recently announced their agreement to pre-load a selection of 500GB FreeAgent Goâ„¢ ultra-portable hard drives with Paramount movies. It’ll be 20 movies. It isn’t so much but as a first step it’s very very clever decision. It’s also good news because consumers and producers are ready for digital media libraries for a long time. But film companies are too stiff and decision of Paramount Pictures promises that the rest big movie producers will also partner with Seagate, Western Digital or some other producer of HDD to offer their pre-loaded movies on HDDs.

Personally I like that solution and I think it’s much better then DVD or Blu-ray. Sure when Internet channels will have enough power to deliver SD or HD content everywhere online media libraries will dominate. But now distribution of media content on the external HDD is the most appropriate way to deliver movies to the consumer.

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