Boxee comes to Cyprus

Boxee Box

Stylish HD media player Boxee Box with amazing user interface, rich functionality and original remote control with QWERTY keyboard comes to Cyprus. You can buy it in the NEXUS Computer Systems at €259.00. Not bad, not bad.

XBMC will run on Sigma-based devices


Sigma Designs started port of popular opensource HTPC software XBMC to bring it to their system-on-a-chip devices (i. e. SMP8670). The Sigma is a base for many many media players such Popcorn Hour or WDTV. They expect to have a initial port first-hand at CES this week.

Well, what benefits can we get from that port as users? First of all nice looking, handy and clever user interface which is much much better then any existing one on the media players. Secondly, it’s a possibility to extend core functionality by plugins and customize GUI using different skins. And, of course, this will give a powerful incentive to XBMC development.

Boxee will appear on the Iomega TV NAS

Synology DS211j

Boxee partnered with Iomega to bring its excellent HTPC software to Iomega TV NAS. Iomega TV is powered by the Intel Atom processor CE4100 like Boxee Box. So, it’ll make more easy to produce firmware for both devices in the future. To control device the remote control with QWERTY will be used which looks like that Philips remote.

The Iomega TV NAS with Boxee will come with three configurations: diskless – $229, 1Tb – $299 and 2Tb – $349. It’ll be available later this this quarter. And possible we can see it on CES 2011.

iXtreamer: HD media player with iPhone dock

iXtreamer Networked Media Player

Company Xtreamer released its new network HD media player iXtreamer with unique feature. It sports iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch dock which allows to playback media content from Apple devices on your TV. But even you don’t have such devices still iXtreamer can be an option. Except common features such 1080p video playback from internal 3.5″ HDD, attached USB storage or network shares, connection to network using USB WiFi adapter, HDMI/Component/RCA/SPDIF outputs the player supports DTS MA and Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channel audio, HD MKV files and Blu-ray ISO rips. it also compatible with Logitech Harmony universal remote controls. Attractive design and reasonable price in $226 are also plus. So, don’t miss a chance to take that great device!

[via eHomeUpgrade]

The first upgrade for the Boxee Box

A two weeks after releasing of Boxee Box the Boxee team released the first update of its firmware. There is a few reasons for such early update. First of all the developers didn’t have a time to test the new version of the Boxee. It was released together with Box. Secondly, the latest Boxee version is used by ordinary people with Box and not by geeks only. So, developers got new kinds of bugs. And finally, Boxee team should solve some hardware related problems like WiFi connection, for example. In any case that update made Boxee Box more stable and reliable by solving a lot of reported problems with media playback, wireless connection, management of network shares and more. Hope Boxee Box owners will be more happy now.

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