New version of GeeXbox is out!

GeeXboX 1.1

After one year hard development GeeXbox team announced a new official release of its HTPC software. Highlighted changes are:

  • upgrade to kernel;
  • upgrade to MPlayer SVN v23418;
  • improved HDTV decoding;
  • support for VC1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (like HD-DVD and BlueRay ones);
  • added support of many new codecs;
  • improved displaying of subtitles and movie info;
  • a bunch of new hardware such DVB cards and remote controls;
  • added basic WebGUI implementation.

The GeeXbox version 1.1 can be downloaded here.

I didn’t use GeeXbox but it seems good and reliable. Moreover, it can be a competitor of MythTV or VDR 🙂

Quanext OTTIMO 19″ All in one Pc Tv Stereo

Quanext OTTIMO 19

Amazing product announced Quanext – OTTIMO 19″ All in one Pc/Tv/Stereo. It is well designed to operate under LINUX (SUSE), plus it is Microsoft Windows XP/Vista compatible.

Key features are:

  • All in one portable solution, throw away your box/case, everything is inside the lcd screen.
  • 19″ widescreen monitor with high resolution for high quality images and better view of any multimedia files
  • 2 big ROUND SPEAKERS with bass included give your multimedia experience a new effect
  • Easy to operate, only one button to switch the machine on and swith it to TV function.
  • Ottimo is a COMPUTER and it is a NORMAL LCD TV, 2 machines in one.
  • No need to INSTALL any TV TUNER softwares, just connect your antenna or cable line and you are ready to watch TV.
  • All connections are in the back of the unit for easy access. The unit is equipped with a DVD slot in player and a very useful retractable stand to help move your computer everywhere you want.
  • Perfect for using a multimedia center software such as MCE or MythTV

For more information, please, see product page.

Yet another small form factor Media Center PC

small form factor Media Center PC Home media centers in small form factor are very popular because they blend in compact dimensions and power of desktop PC. Samsung announced its version of this kind of PC – MX10. It’s very similar to LITTLE LLUON and Philips LX1000. The MX10’s got a Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of RAM, an ATI Xpress 1100 graphics card, and 200 to 250GB of storage. Its dimensions are 55mm*265mm*295mm. The rest information is missed. But I suspect that MX10 should also include IR port to control via remote, WiFi and maybe Bluetooth.

The Samsung MX10 will go for about $1,265 US.

[via PVR Wire]

Alienware’s Media Center PC

Alienware Media Center PC

Alienware shows us a new face of media PC. It defenetelly does not look like ordinary media PC. The cosmic design hides AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, 160GB HDD, 1000 watts of amplification and HDMI connectors for bandwidth-demanding HD video. No more details are available.
The price of Alienware’s Media Center PC is about $1000.

[via Gizmowatch]

Monster Cable’s Einstein Home Control/Theater System

Monster Cable

Here is a Linux-based Home Control/Theater System from Monster Cable – Einstein. It’s composed of 6 very innovative components like its 2-room-stream DVD changer and 3-zone Sirius radio tuner. Also, it includes a phone remote that easily handles all home theater, home control, and VoIP/Cellular communications. Out of the box, Einstein will support 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet for HD video streaming and will be able to connect wireless through 802.11g/n, Z-Wave and Bluetooth protocols.

[via CRN]

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