Release of embedded Linux media distribution OpenELEC


OpenELEC – just another embedded Linux distribution to build HTPC, recently was lunched in version 1.0. It uses XBMC as a front-end and customized back-end. OpenELEC is designed for Intel-based, Nvidia ION-based and AMD Fusion-based systems and run from USB stick or memory card. Special build will be available for Xtreamer Ultra platform (Xtreamer is a partner of OpenELEC). The size of ISO is just about 100MB (depends of the platform type) and it requires less than 130MB on the HDD.

Except a small size and nettop application OpenELEC offers a very simple way for configuration, extending by add-ons (such PVR for LiveTV, Torrent clients, rsync, LCD/VFD display support), an open add-on framework, GPU acceleration (Intel VAAPI, nVidia VDPAU, AMD XVBA (via VAAPI), Broadcom CrystalHD).

So, get OpenELEC 1.0 ISO, make bootable USB and try new HTPC software.

Release of XBMC Eden is coming very soon


XBMC team started prepare to release Eden. No any new features will be added except very important for the new version. There is a lot of changes. One of them are following:

  • Files Mode will be moved under Library Mode as Files view.
  • Default skin will be with horizontal layout.
  • Improvement of CPU/GPU utilization and support of iOS-based devices.
  • Ability to add Add-ons to the home screen.

The last feature is simple but very useful. Cause it isn’t so handy go to every time to third menu level to access Youtube or KartinaTV.

Compact and stylish Win7 media center

Reycom Windows Media Center

Reycom announced its two new Win7 media centers – REC 100 and REC 1000. Basically they’re the same except hard drive capacity – REC 100 has 320GB and REC 1000 – 500GB. Also REC 1000 sports Blu-ray drive except DVD one. Both models are based on Intel processors and nVidia graphics and have dual ATSC tuners and RF remote control.

Except compact size and nice design the REC 100 and REC 1000 are energy-efficient and not expensive. They’ll be available this quarter at $499.00 (REC 100 I guess).

[via The Digital Media Zone]

A new “bleeding edge” alpha version includes Pandora

boxee logo
On the last boxee NYC meetup the new (and maybe last) alpha version was presented. With supporting of Pandora it offers listening of quickmix, favorite stations and creation of new stations. Additionally with RadioTime it’s possible to listen to over 100,000 radio stations from around the world.

Both apps were built using a new boxee API. It allows developers to build apps using XML pages and Python scripts. So, using it you’ll able to add support of new services or control the data and metadata around the media easily. See BoxeeHQ to find available plugins, apps and hacks or place your stuff there.

Mac, Ubuntu and Apple Boxee alpha is public now

Boxee logo

Boxee development team announced yesterday a new alpha version. It’s gonna be public since now for Mac, Ubuntu and Apple users. Windows folks should stay on private version.

There is a few new features in the new alpha such support of BBC iPlayer (UK users only), Joost and MTV Music as well as several bug fixes.

For developers who want to develop their applications for Boxee the developer guide was created. The real example of using Boxee API is a support of photo sharing service Pikeo implemented by Orange Labs (from the France Telecom group).

All folks who built Boxee for other Linux distributions such as SlackeWare or Fedora may be interested to know that Boxee source was also updated. Now it’s

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