Bluetooth music receiver BoomBoom 75

Football TV Remote Control

Simple and elegant way to stream music from smartpone or tablet to audio system or boombox is offered by Marmitek. Its BoomBoom 75 can be connected to the aux-in, line-in or MP3-link connection input to receive music over Bluetooth. It’s powered by miniUSB or battery and pairs up to 8 devices. Cool device with reasonable price – just €34.95.

Marmitek ProGuard800 joins X10 security and home automation

Marmitek ProGuard800 Home Automation and Security Panel

As you may know one of the biggest disadvantage of X10 is different protocols for security and automation. So, you should have two separated devices – automation controller and security panel to cover both areas. Marmitek tries to make a life of DYI-ers easier by producing ProGuard800 security panel. With additional X-10 Home Automation module it’ll allow control dimmers, switches, sockets etc from the same panel.

The TheProGuard800 uses radio frequency to communicate with different types of sensors which makes an installation procedure easier and more conformable. Additionally the ProGuard800 can be integrated with telephony using PSTN or GSM modules. So, you’ll be able to control your home or receive notifications using mobile or landline phone.

The TheProGuard800 is already available for £400 including the security panel itself, two motion detectors, door/window sensor and keyfob remote control.

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New EasyTouch Panel10 from Marmitek

EasyTouch Panel10

Marmitek released its new EasyTouch Panel10 – wireless 10-inch color touchscreen panel. It can be used as X10 remote control, i. e. without controller or PC. The interface of the EasyTouch Panel10 is completely customize. User can choose any background, buttons or images. Each button can be associated with desire action which should be performed when it’s pressed.

The EasyTouch Panel10 uses two AAA batteries. So, it can be mounted anywhere in your house without additional wiring. The panel needs Transceiver Module TM13 to communicate with X10 devices.

The EasyTouch Panel10 is available in Belgium at €199 and in UK at £179.00, which is reasonable price to add more comfort and hight-tech to your DIY X10 installation.

X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote from Marmitek

Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote

Marmitek introduced its new X10 remote control. The X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote can control not only X10 devices in your home. But using its RF transmitter combined with Marmitek infrared-extension products, like the Control Anywhere, consumers may control A/V equipment.

The Marmitek remote control provides following main features:

  • Control up to 10 A/V devices.
  • Possibility to define macros included A/V and X10 commands.
  • Choose channels using recognisable network logos.
  • Personalize the remote for every person in the household.
  • User-friendly Wizard makes programming very easy.

The X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote is compatible with ActiveHome and ActiveHomePro. It’s available now at suggested price €79.95.

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USB CM15Pro With X-10 ActiveHomePro Software is launched

Marmitek USB CM15Pro

Recently Marmitek launched its new product – USB CM15Pro With X-10 ActiveHomePro Software. It includes a logic engine and 8 times more memory then CM12 (I even don’t speak about my CM11) which allows to store over 1400 timers and/or macros. To communicate with wireless X10 devices CM15Pro sports built-in RF transceiver. So, you don’t need separate TM12U transceiver module to receive events from the MS13E occupancy sensor.

Traditionally CM15Pro is shipped with X-10 ActiveHomePro software which allows to configure and control all X10 devices in your home as well as add various scenarios. The ActiveHomePro is based on Windows and it’s absolutely free (you can download it from the Marmitek’s web site).

Personally I maintain a healthy skepticism about X10. There are more modern and power technologies such INSTEON, PLCBUS or Z-Wave in the home automation area. So, it might be more useful to produce INSTEON devices for European standard then develop dead-end technology.

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