New Cortexa user interface for iPhone


Cool presentation of new iPhone interface to control your Cortexa home automation system. The system is based on Windows Vista Media Center and combines different subsystems produced by Lutron, HAI, NuVo, Jandy, Davis Instruments, Russound, Vantage in one.

The demo video demonstrates two-way communication between iPhone and home controller on one screen. See it after jump.
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Lutron Abella – dimmer with extended functions

Lutron Abella

Lutron Abella is not just a simple dimmer. Except possibility to set lighting level it offers another good feature. If the on/off button is pressing till the LED flashes and then releasing, the Abella dimmer gives you 30 seconds delay before your lights fade to off. It might be useful if you don’t have emote control but don’t want to go to bed in the dark. The Abella has buttons featuring a sleek, curved design that is comfortable on your fingertips. Built-in LED which moves as you change the light level, makes the lighting control more user friendly. Included power-failure memory will save your preferences even power will be down some time.

Play with flash demo of Abella dimmer from Lutron. You can see it in action.

Dimmers save our environment

Lutron demonstrates on its new site how using dimmers (and especially produced by Lutron) instead of ordinary switches can reduce the energy consumption. As result CO2 emission should be reduced as well. So, we save our environment from pollution.

To be honest using of dimmers produced by other companies gives you the same result. So, it doesn’t matter what brand you’ll choose.

LED Dimmer by Lutron

LED Dimmer by Lutron

Lutron presented its new Vierti LED Dimmer. It allows to adjust lighting levels at the touch of a finger. The control element looks like a single vertical bar of light divided into two sections. The small bottom section can be pressed to turn the light on and off, while the long top section controls the light’s intensity. The Vierti looks clean and intuitive with LED lights which provide an interactive display visually indicated the light’s current setting.

Vierti is available with LED lights in blue, white and green with wall plates in a selection of finishes. So, it brings precise control and a wonderful technical style to your modern house.

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New Lutron’s Grafik Eye

Lutron Grafik Eye

Lutron has introduced a new design for its Grafik Eye single-room lighting control system. The new QS model will allow for seamless control of lighting and shades. There is a possibility to create lighting scenes, or control individual lights, using rounded, backlit buttons that resemble Lutron’s existing seeTouch style keypads. The buttons are visible in the dark and can be custom engraved to fit the user’s preferences.

Other new features of the GRAFIK Eye QS include an optional column of buttons that control shades independently of the lights and a new, user-friendly information display that makes it easier to read energy savings QS, lighting levels, and time clock information. This new unit also provides power and communication for occupancy sensors, which enables automatic operation of lights and shades, resulting in energy savings QS. In addition to the technology upgrades, the new GRAFIK Eye QS is offered in 30 colors and finishes to better accommodate an array of environments.

The open home control system Plutohome supports Lutron controllers. So it’s possible to start with installation of Lutron lighting control system only. And then add it to the Plutohome.

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