MythTV + Fedora Core 5 = MythDora

MythDora MythDora 3.1 – based on Fedora Core 5 distribution included the latest MythTV is released.Changes include:

  • Turned off mythbackend at boot time
  • X now restarts after the setup menu and allows Nvidia module to be probed
  • Created workaround for network connection during setup
  • Updated to MythTV-0.20-147
  • Redid saa7134 capture card setup
  • Added in newer k9copy package
  • Readded Imon remote control
  • Split MySQL mythtvsetup commands into two files
  • Added the pcHDTV 5500 to setup menu
  • Removed stale release notes with new ones
  • Added in powersave program with dependencies

You can Download the ISO, read MythDora Installation HOWTO or see screencast.

[via MythPVR]

MythTV Hacks

MathTV Hacks

MythTV, the open source Linux PVR software, is going to be a standard de-facto. The new book – “Hacking MythTV” may enunciate this thesis. You can buy it on Amazon just for £s;13.59.

For whom who’d like to get some MythTV hacks immediately have published an extensive guide on how to export and convert recordings from your MythTV PVR to other devices. The guide is an excerpt from the “Hacking MythTV” and covers following topics:

  • How to browse your recordings outside MythTV and make sense of them based on filename alone
  • MythTV’s Recording Profiles,
  • Specific details on Export for Burning to DVD, Video CD, iPod, and More
  • Configuring Third-Party Components as Post-Processing Jobs and;
  • Wireless Networking in MythTV

Personally, I’m interested in using VDR. But I’m going to buy “MythTV Hacks” as well.
[via PVR Wire]

A brief introduction to MythTV

MythVT Here is a brief introdution to the one of the most popular, open source system to build home media center – MythTV:

MythTV is a software suite that’s available as a free download. It consists of a menu system, several plug-ins and a unique frontend/backend network architecture that can be used to transform an existing Linux, BSD, Mac OSX or Windows desktop computer into the multimedia entertainment centerpiece in your den, bedroom or office. Using MythTV, you can morph your desktop into a video viewfinder, a slideshow gallery, a DVD burning station, a VoIP phone console, a Netflix manager and more.

Additionally, MythTV can be used as part of home automation system. In particular, Plutohome supports it.

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