Amahi added Videos5 and Gallery 3 applications


Recently home server Amahi based on Fedora Linux added two new applications to its repository – Videos5 and Gallery 3.

Videos5 allows you to stream video to the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android devices and many others which support HTML5. Additionally it offers possibility to transcode streamed media. But that feature isn’t implemented yet in Videos5 application.

Gallery 2 was one of the most popular Amahi application. It gives an easy and intuitive way to organize photos on the web site or local network. The Gallery 3 is the next version of that popular tool. So, Amahi team hopes it’ll be also popular.

Amahi for the Marvell Plug Computer released!

Ionics Stratus Plug Computer

As we expected today Amahi Plug Edition for the Plug Computer platform based on the Marvell ® ARMADA processor was released. You can get it here.

Also Amahi launched a theme and app contest where you can win 6 FREE 1.2GHz Ionics Stratus Plug Computers with WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave (for home automation) and Gigabit Ethernet! Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity!

[via Amahi Blog]

Bugfix for MythTV 0.23 is released


Recently a MythTV development team released a bugfix for the version 0.23. There are no many changes in that release but still. The segfault when resolution or aspect ration is changing is fixed. Also the building from the source procedure was improved to allow to do that under different distributions and with various hardware combination.

You can download the MythTV 0.23.1 with plugins and themes here or wait till your distribution maintainers build the binaries fro you.

Playing Blu-ray under Linux


It’s possible to playback Blu-ray disks under Linux with an open source player lxBDPlayer. There is an Ubuntu/Debian package on the project web site. So, if you’re interested download and install it. It’d be nice to see the comments people who try the lxBDPlayer.

VDR developer version 1.7.15


Last Sanday Klaus Schmidinger has announced the release of VDR developer version 1.7.15. AS usual there is a lot of bugfixes and improvements such support of a non-standard mode used by North American providers, fixing of a problem with external Dolby Digital processing and adding of full handling of the stream types of Dolby Digital pids, adding new and updating existing OSD texts.

yaVDR which mixes XBMC and VDR in its media distribution will stay with version 1.7.14 for a while. But the package for the 1.7.15 should appear in its PPA soon.

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