A few useful INSTEON products

INSTEON seems a good candidate to replace old-school technology X10. Especially, if it’ll take into account compatibility between them. I see the only one disadvantage of INSTEON – it isn’t adopted to European electricity standard yet. But I hope it’ll be done soon. But now I’d like to introduce you three cool INSTEON devices.

INSTEON 8 Button Keypad Countdown Timer with Dimmer allows to define countdown timers to switch ON/OFF lighting. There are 8 predefined timers from 2 minutes to 4 hours and they can be applied not only lines connected to the device but to every INSTEON device in your home. Additionally, keypad can be used as a dimmer to set comfort level of the light.

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter offers a simple way to add Venstar T1700 thermostat into your INSTEON network. As advantage it might to expand 1-Day Programmable thermostat functionality by creation and storing scenarios on the central controller.

INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer w/ Amber LEDs combines two devices in one: In-wall controller and 400-watt dimmer. It allows to monitor and control six different devices or sets of devices and easily create whole-house lighting scenes. Mounting into Tabletop Enclosure gives you possibility to have a portable controller which can be plugged it into any indoor outlet.

Well, I really like to have European version of INSTEON devices. Especially after INSTEON interface was added into LinuxMCE.