In-air pointing and motion-control technology comes to Sony and LG TVs

Freespace in-air pointing

Hillcrest Labs together with Sony and LG will show the next generation of TV remote control. The idea is to utilize motion instead of hard buttons and provide more convenient way then mouse and keyboard to access to online content directly from TV.

Sure there are already some remotes which use gyroscope – Gyration or Kymera Magic Wand, for example. But they can be used with HTPC and cannot control TV directly. Also Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace technology is more complicated then just simple motion processor. In any case, we’ll see soon it in the action with release LG’s first 3D, Internet-connected, LED LCD HDTVs which already available in the US.

Alternative firmware for Samsung and LG LCD TVs

Samsung LED TV

As you may know the modern TVs allow to watch media content not only from local sources but from network shares or online services as well. But producers limit functionality. For example, to get media content from the network share only DLNA can be used. UPnP or Samba are not supported at all. But thanks to open source enthusiasts there is a way to get more from your TV.

Project SamyGo offers alternative firmware for the Samsung TVs. Using this firmware you’ll able to mount NFS or CIFS/SAMBA network shares, receive media content from UPnP servers, use WiFi adapters 3rd-part companies, activate PVR functionality. Additionally you’ll have telnet access to your TV and ability to run custom scripts when TV switched ON.

Another project openlgtv offers alternative firmware for LG TVs. It also offers possibility to mount NFS or CIFS/SAMBA network shares supports UPnP and much more. Using USB Ethernet adapter you can add your TV in the local network even it doesn’t have built-in Ethernet port! There is another project for LG TVs – LGMOD v1.2, which additionally offers a web interface to configure your TV.

It’s good to see that consumers have a choice between limited official firmware and alternative one offered much more features. And number of those features is increased continuously.

VUDU is integrated into LG’s LH50 NetCast HDTVs


After Netflix LG decided to add VUDU service to its LH50 HDTV line. The owners of the 47LH50, 50PS80, 60PS80 and 42LH50 will be able to buy or rent HD and HDX (1080p) films on demand through a refreshed user interface that promises no stutters or buffering waits. Additionally new VUDU interface will allow instant fast forward, rewind and start for all movie qualities.

That’s really good because consumers will get rid of one box and at least three wires in their A/V stands. Will wait for similar service for Europe.

LG Blu-ray player will support YouTube

LG Blu-ray and YouTube

Recently Samsung announced its new series of Blu-ray players with support IP TV Netflix. That’s really cool to have one device to watch DVD/Blu-ray disks and online TV. Additionally to that LG decided to add possibility to watch YouTube and CinemaNow videos on its next gen decks. The new device will be demonstrate January 7 in Las Vegas and more details will come.

[via Engadget]

LG’s BD300 Netflix Blu-ray player UI looks nice


Recently I wrote about new LG’s BD300 Netflix Blu-ray player which can play-back stream from Netflix on-line movie rent service. Here is another details about that interesting device. It has amazing UI (have a look on the screenshot). The BD300 can also play-back media content from networked PC or memory stick attached to the player’s USB port.

The BD300 will support Profile 2.0, interactive BD-Live features and Bonus View (picture-in-picture commentaries and special features).

[via CNet News]

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