Toshiba announced HDTVs with built-in battery

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A new line of HDTVs from Toshiba – Power TV will be equiped with external battery. So, its owners will be able to watch favourite TV shows about two hours after power cut. Not bad, especially during Champions League play-off. Additionally, Power TVs will have two cool features – “Auto Signal Booster” to improve video from weak signal and “Auto View” to optimize picture settings according to the ambient lighting condition. Also HDTVs of new Toshiba’s line will have low power consumption. So, consumers will be able to decrease their electricity bills and save environment.

Android-based FullHD LED TV has been announced

Scandinavia  Android-powered (PAL, DVB-T) HDTV

Swedish company recently announced its new series of FullHD LED TVs based on Android platform. It’s named Scandinavia. It’ll include a 42″, 47″ and 55″ models equiped with LAN and USB connection. The TVs will have YouTube, Google Maps, Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser out of the box. The set of applications can be extended by installing new ones from the Android App Store. That possibility together with reasonable price – €2000 – €2500 for 42″ can make Scandinavia very popular. Let’s see what the big producers of AV equipment will do. I suspect that they won’t will wait for September when Android TVs from Sweden will be available for buying.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Samsung released a new LED TV together with tablet

Samsung's LED TV Couple packs a 7-inch tablet

Samsung released in Korea a quite interesting set – a 55-inch LED baclkit LCD TV and a brand new 7-inch touchscreen tablet. The tablet does not just perform the function of smart remote control for TV and home theater. It receives over 802.11n EPG, including video previews of TV shows, and allows access to media stored on a PC. But the most interesting feature is ability to stream live TV and Blu-ray content from the home theater to the tablet. So, you can have a mobile multi-room system easily. See the new Samsung set in action in the demo video below.

There is no world about availability and the price of that set in Europe or US.
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