Vidtonic DIY Android TV kit


Vidtonic is going to present its new DIY kit to build Android TV on the CES 2011 on January. It’ll include television housing, cables, 1080p LCD panel in various sizes, power supply, a motherboard using an ARM/DSP microprocessor solution and full SDK to build software part. Sure, it’ll be interesting for many Android folks. We saw such approach in the past with hacker Roomba kit or open source version of DVR Neorus. But in my opinion it’d be much better to have set-top-box based kit. It’s cheaper and easier to delivery. In any case, let’s wait till CES 2011 and see the DIY Android TV kit availability and price.

EnOcean Evaluation Kit from Echoflex

EEK200C - Echoflex Evaluation Kit

Echoflex Solutions announced its EEK200C Evaluation Kit. For only $149, integrators, OEMs and smarthome enthusiasts will be able to explore the breadth and performance of EnOcean wireless energy harvesting technologies in different conditions as well as capabilities of EnOcean PTM, TCM and STM radio modules and interoperability with other EnOcean-based products.

The kit includes following devices:

  • TCM-200C: bi-directional communication with the transceiver module that connects directly to a laptop or PC allowing Windows® based applications to monitor and control;
  • STM-110C: solar powered sensor module with integrated reed switch, temperature sensor and set point adjustment;
  • PTM-220C: mechanically powered switch module used for on/off and dimming applications.

Additionally the WinEtel utility should be downloaded and installed to monitor radio packages in the EnOcean network.

I like the EnOcean principles of energy harvesting. That approach is not just saving energy and, as result, money and environment. But it also makes consumers life easily because they shouldn’t replace batteries in their devices at all. So, I hope that the EEK200C Evaluation Kit will help integrate EnOcean technology in the many popular commercial and open source home automation systems.

[via EnOcean]

Wireless Home Control Starter Kit


Here is a Domia Lite starter kit RRP for home automation just for £29.99. It contains three appliance switches and one remote control. It’s an ideal way to get yourself started.
The appliance modules simply plug into any wall socket to control any appliance (up to 1000W). Appliances connected to the modules can still be controlled manually. The modules respond to On/Off commands, however they can also be controlled as part of a group of devices by using the Group Switch on their side.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Starter Kit For Home Automation

Omni IIE

Smarthome offers a starter kit for home automation and security Omni IIE. It’s for bothe home and small business. Omni IIE comes a Omni IIe controller, UPB powerline interface module, OmniTouch Color Touchscreen, Electronic communicating thermostat, Temperature sensor and End-of-line resistors. You can use any x10 or UPB devices to control them via Omni IIE.

Omni IIE allows to control lights, schedule some actions by time, sunrise, sunset, and date or day of week and various system events. Omni IIE support up to 16 security zones which can be extended to 48. It offers 16 user codes with selectable authority levels.
The home automation system based on Omni IIE can be controlled via OmniTouch Color Touchscreen, land line telephone or web interface (uses with HAI WEB-LINK II software package for Windows only).

Omny IIE is avalable at $1299.99 and seems appropriate solution for starting automation with your home. If you don’t think so, maybe this approach will be more suitable for you.