Logitech diNovo and LinuxMCE


I already wrote about using compact keyboard with mouse pad Logitech diNovo with MythTV. Now it’s time to use it to control your LinuxMCE core/hybrid or media director. Media buttons work out of the box. But to activate mouse pad just add following line to the /etc/modprobe.d/options:
options usbhid quirks=0x046d:0xc71f:0x00080000

After reboot enjoy that cool keyboard!

Another hybrid of remote control and keboard

HTPC remote control

Another cool remote control with slide keyboard was found on the Engadget. The post is about Vizio and its services. But I couldn’t fine such remote on the Vizio web site. Maybe it’s fake or just concept. In any case, that remote looks very attractive for the HTPC owners the same as PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote.

Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard for HTPC

Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard

The Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard can be good Christmas present for all HTPC owners. That 56 keys low keycap notebook keyboard is extremely compact and portable. The illumination feature allows to use it in a low-light environment (when movie is played, for example). That keyboard works on 2.4GHz radio frequency with operation distance in 10 meters. It should be enough even for open air home cinema in your yard.

The Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard is available on the USB.BRANDO.COM.HK for $47.00 with free worldwide shipping. So, I’m thinking to buy it as the Christmas present for myself 😉

Using Logitech diNovo Mini with MythTV

Logitech diNovo Mini

Recently Logitech announced very useful gadget for all HTPC owner – wireless palm-sized keyboard diNovo Mini. So, it’s time to start use it with your MythTV box. That wiki page describes how to configure diNovo Mini including media buttons and the mouse track-pad.

It’d be also great if diNovo Mini will be supported by VDR as well.

[via MythTV News]

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